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20 Famous Celebrities With Hooded Eyes (Not Droopy)

The most beautiful actresses in Hollywood show that having hooded eyes is not a flaw. This trait is shared by some of the universe’s most magnificent stars. 

With hooded eyes, your skin folds cover the upper section of the eyelid. As a result, the eyes appear heavy and half closed. Naturally, this adds to the celebrity’s attraction. It gives their eyes a smoky appearance.

Learning From The Blog

Women with hooded eyes frequently consider their eyes neither attractive nor gorgeous. To be honest, hooded eyes are extremely common; nonetheless, you must understand the right cosmetic techniques to make your eyes stand out and shine. 

If you don’t believe us, check out our list of the top 20 celebrities with hooded eyes.

All About Hooded Eyes 


Characteristics Of Hooded Eyes

Prominent brow bones and deep wrinkles distinguish hooded eyes. The skin hangs low enough that the wrinkles are hidden, making the top eyelids appear smaller.

You should be able to see the wrinkle if you gaze in the mirror with your eyes open. If the crease is not apparent because it is hidden by extra skin, you have hooded eyes.

The eyelash line is another method to identify if your eyes are hooded. Is the skin behind your brow touching the lash line? If you have hooded eyes, this is an indication. 

Is There A Difference Between Hooded Eyes And Droopy Eyes 

Some individuals use the words hooded eyes and drooping eyes interchangeably. However, there is a significant difference between these two circumstances.

  • Hooded eyes develop due to their inherent eye shape, which includes prominent brow bones and deeper wrinkles in the eyelids. This hereditary disorder can affect people of all ages, while the likelihood of developing hooded eyes rises with age. Hooded eyes do not usually impair vision.
  • Droopy eyes, on the other hand, occur in elderly individuals when the skin above the eye begins to sag. Sagging skin might eventually go so low that it impairs eyesight. Droopy eyes might make it difficult to open them completely.

Common Causes Of Hooded Eyes 

Hooded eyes can form as a result of a variety of circumstances. Among the most prevalent reasons are:

  • Genetics: Many people with hooded eyes were born with this characteristic. It is the eye’s natural shape. If one or both parents have hooded eyes, the offspring will likely inherit them. However, this feature is only sometimes handed on to offspring.
  • Ethnicity: People of Asian heritage are more likely to have hooded eyes. However, people of many ethnicities might be affected by this illness. 
  • Excessive Eye Rubbing: Because the skin surrounding the eyes is so fragile, it can be damaged by rubbing or irritating it. Avoid scratching your eyes excessively, which might raise the risk of hooded and drooping eyes.
  • Trauma: Various forms of traumas or even medical procedures can alter how the skin sits over the eye, altering the look of the face. A head injury, for example, might impact the eyes and surrounding skin.

List Of Top 20 Famous Eyes Celebrities

1. Selena Gomez


She is an expert at emphasizing her hooded eyes. Gomez emphasizes the outer corner to create the appearance of elevated eyes. She also uses makeup to draw attention to her lovely hooded eyes. 

2. Lucy Liu


Lucy Liu is one of Hollywood’s most gorgeous stars. It’s tough not to be captivated by her beautiful eyes. Liu has narrow hooded eyes that make putting makeup difficult. Liu, on the other hand, applies winged eyeliner above the upper lash line to balance and accentuate her hooded eyes.

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3. Emma Stone 


With her entrancing gaze, Oscar-winner Emma Stone always steals the show. Stone’s makeup artist used a new method to balance and enhance her eyes for the 2019 Academy Awards. She used copper to line the lower lash, crease, and eyelid and Topaze to get Stone’s smoky eye effect. 

4. Claudia Schiffer 


Claudia Schiffer, the iconic supermodel, made hooded eyes one of her hallmarks. She elevated the smoky eye to new heights. Her eye makeup approach emphasizes her lovely hooded eyes while making it appear simple. Schiffer’s attractive and brilliant eyes contributed to her becoming a household name.

5. Paris Hilton 


Paris Hilton’s extraordinary beauty and fashion sense made her an international superstar. For years, Hilton’s hooded eyelids gave the impression that one of her eyes was larger than the other. Hilton, on the other hand, is a fashion legend who understands how to accentuate the smoky eye with cosmetics.

6. Tyra Banks


Tyra Banks is among the world’s most famous supermodels. Everyone is drawn to Banks’ attractive and gorgeous hooded eyes. She has mastered the art of enhancing her emerald hooded eyes with cosmetics. She also wears false lashes to make them stand out and shimmer.

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7. Catherine Zeta-Jones


Catherine Zeta-Jones is one of the world’s most skilled and beautiful celebrities. Her striking eyes contribute to her allure. Catherine does, in fact, find a method to make her hooded eyes stand out. She frequently applies false eyelashes to draw attention to her eyes and make them look larger. 

8. Bella Hadid


Bella Hadid, the stunning supermodel, has remarkable beauty and one-of-a-kind eyes. Her deep-set eyes cause her mascara to flow. As a result, her eyes seem smaller. She had hooded and round eyes as a teenager. She may have undergone surgery to fix the hooded eyes and make them look larger. 

9. Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift’s piercing eyes draw attention to her breathtaking attractiveness. Her hooded eyelids, on the other hand, might be challenging to keep. Swift utilizes heavy black eye makeup to accentuate her eyes. She also wears artificial eyelashes to draw attention to her stunning eyes. 

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10. Ariana Grande 


Ariana Grande’s distinct style and cat eye makeup are her distinguishing features. To make her eyes appear larger, she uses the ideal eye makeup method and long lashes. Her gorgeous hooded eyes are her most noticeable feature. Grande may have undergone surgery to rectify her hooded eyes at some time.

11. Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence has mastered the art of emphasizing her almond-shaped eyes. To enlarge her eyes, she mixes gently on the inner corners and strongly on the outside corners. This makeup application draws attention to her eyes by lifting them. 

12. Chrissy Teigen 


One of Chrissy Teigen’s most outstanding characteristics is her petite round hooded eyes. She certainly does not consider her hooded eyes to be a defect. She makes her eyes sparkle with the appropriate technique, eyeliner, and mascara. The makeup draws attention to her eyes and makes them look larger. 

13. Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston has mastered highlighting her lovely hooded eyes with cosmetics. Aniston is regarded as one of the most gorgeous ladies in film history. Her beautiful eyes are highlighted by their radiance. Aniston uses a tiny dusting of makeup on her bottom lashes to highlight her hooded lids.

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14. Blake Lively


With her beautiful beauty, captivating personality, and gorgeous eyes, Blake Lively became a household celebrity. She uses the ideal cosmetic method to make her eyes sparkle and shine. Lively’s hooded eyes showcase her sense of style and fashion.

15. Adriana Lima


Adriana Lima’s gorgeous hooded eyes set her apart from the other celebrities. She has a distinct eye shape with bright blue eyes. Lima enhances her gorgeous hooded eyes with thick eye makeup and mascara. Her key method is to use peach, brown, and black tones on the lower lash line, eyelid, and brow bone. 

16. Malin Akerman 


Malin Akerman’s makeup highlights her stunning hooded eyes, elevating them to one of her greatest features. She frequently uses eye makeup on her lower eyelids to make them stand out. Akerman then smudges the eye makeup in the inner corners of her eyes with a touch of the same shade. 

17. Megan Fox


Megan Fox is regarded as one of the most attractive celebrities in history by both fans and critics. Fox’s stunning hooded eyes light up a room as she walks in. She accentuates her eyes with eyeliner and the proper cosmetic technique. Fox often wears false lashes to draw attention to her gorgeous eyes. 

18. Olivia Munn


Few celebrities can match Olivia Munn’s striking beauty. Munn’s makeup enhances her attractive eyes, making them shimmer and glow. She did embrace her hooded lids and nailed the smokey eye with the correct makeup method. Munn’s almond-shaped eyes highlight her stunning attractiveness. 

19. Kate Hudson 


Kate Hudson is a world-renowned British actress. In her images, the actress’s hooded eyes are unmistakable. The actress has garnered various honors, including a Golden Globe Award and a nomination for an Academy Award.

20. Julianne Hough 


Julianne Hough is well-known for her appearances on the famous television show Dancing With the Stars, where she won first place twice. Julianne has dabbled in acting and served as a judge on America’s Got Talent in 2019. She coats her eyelids with a thick layer of mascara. 

Non-Surgical Treatment Options For Hooded Eyes

Do you want to make your eyes seem better without having surgery? Then, one of the following non-surgical options could be a suitable fit:


Injectables such as dermal fillers or Botox can address hooded eyes. These treatments work because they raise the brow, which may be advantageous when someone has a small droop in their brow and lid.

Creams for Lifting the Eyes

Many skincare products promise to provide firming and tightening benefits. If you will use these items near your eyes, choose a cream designed exclusively for that purpose. Certain substances should not be placed so close to the eyes since they are sensitive.

Drops for the Eyes

Some methods, like eye drops, are authorized by the FDA to treat hooded eyes. These eye drops are not the same as lubricating drops purchased at a drugstore.

The active component in these eyedrops provides brief relief for droopy eyelids. When the drops are applied, the upper eyelid contracts and tightens.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, some celebrities find it challenging to apply makeup with hooded eyes. It makes the procedure more difficult, but celebrities who have mastered their makeup know how to do it. A person might have hooded eyes in a variety of ways. Most celebrities with hooded eyes are born with it, although it can also develop with age.

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