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How to Get Hunter Eyes: Step-by-Step Techniques

What do Robert Pattinson and Sean O’Pry have in common which makes them instantly attractive? It’s their hunter eyes. Do you want to achieve the same mysterious, brooding look but realised that your eye shape is just not cut out for that?

If you thought only genetics can determine the shape of your eyes, we’ve got news for you. Hunter eyes can be achieved through all-natural facial muscle training and one of the best exercises for it is mewing.

In this article, you will find our easy guide on mewing to achieve your dream eye shape and appear more attractive. Read on to find out more.

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What Are Hunter Eyes?

The shape of our eyes is determined by canthal tilt to large extent. Canthal tilt is the angle your eyes make. A positive canthal tilt means that your eyes tilt at an upward angle, giving them a sharp, dangerous look. A negative tilt would mean that your eyes slope downward, appearing softer.

“Hunter eyes” is a highly attractive eye shape where the upper eyelid exposure is almost invisible. This eye shape is called “hunter eyes” because it is reminiscent of the way a predator or hunter looks at their prey.

Hunter eyes, also known as “almond-shaped eyes” or “hooded eyes,” are characterized by their distinct shape, which is horizontally wide and vertically compact, and the upper eyelid being partially or completely obscured. As you might have guessed by now, hunter eyes have a positive canthal tilt, meaning that they tilt upward.

Most of us assume we don’t get to choose our facial features as they are inherited. And in the event that we want to change something, it could only be done through cosmetic surgery. Luckily, recent discoveries have shown that you can naturally change or alter your facial features through facial exercises and massages. One such natural facial modification technique is called mewing.

What Is Mewing?

Mewing is a facial reconstruction technique that involves resting your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Many people swear by it to reshape their face naturally. Mewing is thought to provide many benefits like expanding the jawline, giving the teeth more space to realign naturally. It is also said to be very effective in sculpting the jawline to be more defined, relieving jaw pain, breathing, or orthodontic issues.

If you are already familiar with the concept of mewing, you might have seen people on social media claiming that it did wonders in reshaping their facial bones, mouth, cheekbones, nose, and eye area.

Can You Achieve Hunter Eyes Through Mewing?

Does mewing regularly help change the shape of your eyes? Yes, it can. Even though mewing is typically used to improving the shape of the mouth and jawline, it also targets several sets of facial muscles, including those in the eye area.

You may still be wondering how the posturing your tongue correctly could drastically affect the shape of your eyes. The answer to this question lies in the maxilia – the upper palate or roof of the mouth, which is connected to the upper part of our skull and is in direct contact with our nose and eye muscles.

The muscles in your cheeks and under your eyes are all interconnected– this becomes clear when you smile and it makes your eyes crinkle. So, when you work on the muscles in the lower part of your face, the muscles in the upper part also get stimulated collaterally.

Step-by-Step Mewing Guide To Get Hunter Eyes

Before we start, bear in mind that mewing is a non-invasive facial reconstruction method unlike cosmetic surgery, so it would require dedicated and consistent efforts over a longer period of time to achieve the desired results.

Mewing will be ineffective if you do it as an occasional facial exercise. Instead, it is more of a habit you should be conscious about at all times. We understand that habits can be difficult to incorporate into your daily routine as you might forget to do it sometimes.

For this reason, we highly recommend setting reminders on your phone or even downloading a mewing application which will let you know when it is time for you practice mewing. You will be consistently reminded via notifications to posture your tongue correctly and also about your daily mewing sessions, thus increasing the chances of success.

Apart from reminders, you will also receive guided step-by-step tutorials by professionals on proper mewing which you might find useful, especially in the beginning.

Now that we have discussed the importance of consistency in effective mewing, let’s get right down to how to practice it to achieve hunter eyes. To achieve hunter eyes, we must work on reshaping your eyes to have a positive canthal tilt. Follow the steps below during your mewing sessions.

1. Proper Tongue Posture

One of the reasons why your face might sag is incorrect posturing of the tongue. Always relaxing your tongue on the lower part of your mouth will cause your facial muscles to become loose. When you are not actively speaking or eating, press your tongue against the upper palate.

While mewing, we also tend to apply the wrong suction force. Instead of sucking in your inner cheek muscles and applying pressure on them, try to press your tongue as hard as you can against your upper palate with your lips tightly closed the entire time. Doing so will also help you breathe better through the nose, which is another important aspect of mewing.

2. Sit Straight-Backed

Body posture is equally as important to mewing as facial posture. Improper body positioning  while mewing will render all your efforts ineffective.

While mewing, sit up with your back straight, preferably on a flat surface. Sitting up straight will allow for the neck muscles in the submental area to get stronger. Push your face up as this allows for a full-facial rejuvenation and natural tightening of the muscles and skin.

3. Keep Your Mouth Closed And Teeth Together

Apply just the right amount of pressure on your maxilia (upper palate) with your tongue and keep your teeth closed throughout the session. You would know you are positioning your face properly when your eyes look more focused.

As discussed before, mewing simultaneously helps define or modify several muscles in your face. Proper positioning of the jaw will also help expand the jawline and naturally align the teeth.

4. Breathing Techniques

One of the most important steps in mewing is breathing through your nose. Why does it matter whether you breathe through your nose or mouth? It matters a lot, actually. Let’s go back to what we discussed about facial muscles being interconnected. Now, answer this question: What is at the root of your eyes?

Take a deep breath through your nose and then do the same thing with your mouth. When you breathe through your mouth, your throat muscles get activated. Whereas, when you breathe in through your nose, you are using your facial muscles and thereby also strengthening them.

Alternative Methods To Achieve Hunter Eyes

As mentioned earlier, mewing is an all-natural way to reshape your eyes with no short-cuts. So, it would take almost a full year before you start to see visible results. If you would like to achieve more noticeable results faster, there are numerous surgeries to choose from.


Canthopexy is the least invasive surgical procedure to achieve hunter eyes. Instead of cutting into the skin, this procedure uses sutures to tighten and remove extra fat on the lower eyelid. Canthopexy lifts the lower eyelid, thus tilting your eyes upward.

Ptosis Repair

Ptosis Repair is a cut-open procedure which involves muscle lifting on the upper eyelid. Even though it is an invasive surgery, it is a simple procedure which takes only an hour or less and requires very little downtime.


The canthal tilt can be lifted by surgically lifting the outer canthus, thus changing the entire eye shape. Canthoplasty is a reconstructive plastic surgery with a similar recovery time to other eyelid surgeries, which might take about 2-3 weeks.

Final Thoughts

While there are plastic surgeries and cosmetic adjustments available to change the shape of your eyes, mewing is a safe and effective natural procedure which would help you achieve hunter eyes if practiced properly.

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