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15 Famous Celebrities with Buffalo Hump [2024 Updated]

When we think of celebrities, we think of a pristine and perfect life where nothing is wrong. This weirdly misconstrued take on celebrities is what prevents most of them from sharing their struggles.

Health complications, especially ones that affect the “appearance” of a celebrity, are often buried under. Buffalo hump, otherwise known as dowager’s hump and neck hump, is one of them. It is a prevalent condition that involves the deposition of fatty tissue between the neck and the shoulders.

There are several celebrities with a buffalo hump; if you are curious, we have sorted out the top 15 in this article.

How Common Is a Buffalo Hump?

Buffalo hump, a widespread consequence of Cushing Syndrome, affects millions globally.

It is generally a sign of excess cortisol secretion in the blood, which leads to the overactivated deposition of fatty tissues in the neck and the shoulder region. People with buffalo hump often sport a rounded appearance of their shoulders with a distended neck.

While many people often treat it as trivial, the prevalence of Buffalo hump can also lead to severe chronic disorders, including cardiovascular complications.

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Here are 15 Famous Celebrities with Buffalo Hump

Now that you have an idea about Buffalo hump, let us walk you through a list of top celebrities who struggle with this condition:

1. Alyssa Milano



If you are a 90s television addict who watched the show “Charmed” growing up, you know who Alyssa Milano is. Despite her rise to fame and appearance, not many of her fans know that she suffers from buffalo hump due to her poor posture. However, given that she is the face of several brands and has a very public life in front of the limelight, Alyssa has consistently worked on improving her posture and corrected the condition over time.

2. Jennifer Aniston



Who would’ve thought proper? The famous F.R.I.E.N.D.S actress Jennifer Aniston, known for her evergreen beauty, also suffers from buffalo hump. Being one of the highest-paid actresses of her time, she knew that she couldn’t let her condition pull her off the platform she had worked so hard for.

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3. Jennifer Hudson



While discussing Jennifer Aniston, another famous actress and singer suffering from buffalo hump are Jennifer Hudson. During her initial years of fame, Hudson experienced a lot of scrutiny and demeaning comments about her appearance, especially alluding to her buffalo hump as being overweight. She later explained her condition and how it affects her skeletal health.

4. Halle Berry



A leading name in the Hollywood scene, Halle Berry is another actress who suffers from Buffalo hump. During one of her interviews, she opened up about her struggles with the condition for quite a few years and how it has affected her quality of life. She further explained how she combats this issue by exercising, sitting, and walking with a correct posture.

5. Cameron Diaz



Known for her comedic roles and sensitive appearance in a series of leading romantic comedies in the 90s, Cameron Diaz is also subject to buffalo hump. Although she isn’t very open about her struggles with the condition, Diaz has proved that nothing can stop her from achieving her dreams in the industry.

6. Emma Watson



When you think of Emma Watson, you think of Hermoine Granger and the role that will forever imprint on people’s hearts. However, her struggles with buffalo hump deserve a special mention because she alluded to her poor posture as the most significant contributor to this issue. There are potential hereditary causes too.

7. Justin Bieber



If you are confused and thinking, “How does Justin Bieber have a buffalo hump?” he does. While it’s challenging to pinpoint the slumped appearance when Bieber is in his slouchy and oversized clothing, the hump is very clearly visible when he goes shirtless. His posture and lifestyle could be why he struggles with the condition; without proper care, it could progress severely.

8. Kim Kardashian



Potentially the most famous Kardashian in the clan, Kim Kardashian is also known for her poor posture, which is why she suffers from buffalo hump. Despite what’s in the media, Kim’s condition doesn’t seem hereditary, primarily because none of the other Kardashian sisters have a similar complication.

9. Ronda Rousey



If you are into MMA fighting, you will likely know who Ronda Rousey is. She is known for her perfect physique and fitness, but it looks like she isn’t immune to the impacts of buffalo hump. Since she has a low body fat ratio, a single look at her won’t make you see the shoulder’s curve and rounded appearance.

10. Vin Diesel



Next up on the list is another unexpected celebrity, Vin Diesel. Even though he is known for his well-built body and fitness, Vin Diesel suffers from buffalo hump too. Surprisingly, he has been suffering from this condition for years now. Due to his poor posture and lack of attention, the state has also affected his spine’s curvature.

11. Tom Hardy



The famous Hollywood actor, known for his roles in multiple Nolan films, is also suffering from buffalo hump. In several interviews, Hardy has said that he isn’t a big fan of working out because he feels extreme pain and pulls between the neck and shoulders. Although Hardy doesn’t indulge in heavy lifting or rigorous exercise routines, he does enough to ensure the condition doesn’t progress.

12. Jessica Biel



Unlike most of her other co-stars and actresses from her time of dominance, Jessica Biel has stepped off the limelight. However, that hasn’t slowed down her popularity among the fans. Although there is not much information about the same, it is believed that Jessica Biel has suffered from buffalo hump for quite a few years now.

13. Miley Cyrus



The famous singer, songwriter, and actress, Miley Cyrus suffers from multiple health complications, including buffalo hump. Her condition is relatively minor and non-hereditary, which indicates that she can easily manage it with suitable precautions. With proper exercise and lifestyle, she will be able to correct the issue in no time.

14. Kate Middleton



Despite her poise and honesty, not many people know that Kate Middleton also suffers from a buffalo hump. It could be due to her posture and the ongoing events she has to attend. Despite her struggles with the condition for years, the Duchess of Cambridge has managed to keep the state from the media’s focus.

15. Taylor Swift



Last but not least is Taylor Swift. The famous singer and songwriter, who has millions of fans worldwide, is known for her heart-breaking tunes. But, it looks like the pop star has a lot to worry about regarding her health, especially her struggles with buffalo hump. It is more than likely due to her poor posture.


That concludes the list of some celebrities who suffer from Buffalo Hump. It is not a fatal condition if that’s something you are worried about. In fact, with proper exercising and lifestyle changes, the condition is manageable and shouldn’t inflict any permanent or long-term damage at all.

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