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Top 10 DIY Birthday Cards Ideas That Are Easy To Make

The cheapest and the most simple birthday gifts are the DIY Birthday cards. Easy to do, and when added a picture or a quote special to that person, we instantly give the birthday card a lot more meaning. If you really find it hard to make up your own card, ahead, we present you ten beautiful DIY Birthday cards to inspire you.

1. A Boyfriend/Girlfriend Card



Hearts, buttons, and a couple of lines to draw you and your loved one. Simple, yet so creative.

2. For The Bear Lovers



This one is adorable. It’s perfect for a kid’s birthday card, but it will put a smile on anybody who likes this big, cute animal.

3. The Cupcake Card



It may take you a while to make this card, but it’s totally worth it. Who would say that we don’t need a computer to make such a sweet birthday card?

4. Cute Candle Card



All you need is a candle and a pattern. It will take you less than five minutes to have a decent, creative birthday card.

5. The Birthday Balloons



These balloons are a cute alternative to the real ones. Add a cuter text or a picture, and you’re ready to go.

6. For The Kid



If you wanted to make a card for a child, here’s an idea. You need to be a little bit good at drawing, but If you find it hard to draw a whale, there’s plenty of other animals that will do the trick.

7. Adding the Age



Adding the age has its own charm. Decorating the number can be easy and give a creativity boost to your card.

8. The Simple One



You don’t need too many materials for this one, and it is also an example of how simplicity can look great too.

9. Cakes Are Cool



This pinky cake can be a great choice for your mom, friend, or girlfriend. Adding details like the black polka dots makes it all much lovelier.

10. A Creative Card



This one is quite creative. With a card like this, be sure that yours is going to be the unique one.

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