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Top 10 DIY Camera Bags

Do you feel like sewing? If you would be happy to give your camera a cute makeover, we have an idea for you. Here are 10 pictures that will help and inspire you to do beautiful colorful camera cases that you would love.

We use cameras for every occasion, nights out, family celebrations, weddings, holidays, and why don’t you have a creative bag every time you pull out the camera to take a photo, it would always steal a smile from your face, just knowing that you made something small but so sweet, and of course everybody will compliment your work. In the tutorials, you will find step-by-step pictures that will make it easy and fun for you.

Who knows, you might just find your next sewing project from this list of DIY camera cases. Happy sewing!

Padded Purse


Colour and style seem to be lacking in specially designed camera backpacks. Although there are some pretty adorable camera bags, they are extremely expensive. You can’t always stomach a big price tag. So you enjoy it when you can figure something out and make it work for you. Here’s how to make a camera bag out of a thrift store bag and an old piece of cloth you have lying around the house.

Dress Redo


If you feel like having a bag within a bag for your perfect camera, here is how to make it. Make sure you have the right fabric of an old dress you haven’t worn for ages, and transform it into a bag within a bag. Make sure you use the same size and shape as the original bag and enjoy it to the max!

Wool Wrap


Most camera bags are excessive, especially if you only need a little more protection when strolling around or are bringing a camera in another bag for a short trip. A rigid liner is great for making a structured camera with soft fabric for a more protective wrap. You’ll end up having a pocket with a flap in this manner. You’ve completed the task!

Sling Type


Here is a soft-sided over-the-shoulder bag with a fairly simple design. If you love having your hands free and you still need every bit of your camera with you, this is a great tutorial for you. Make sure you measure carefully before you start sewing and resize the bag as you need it.

If you feel it’s time to upgrade your gear for your new camera bag, try an online tool to compare cameras by size, weight and other specs to make sure it fits your creation!

Camera Carrier


This camera carrier is great to transfer from one bag into another. With the tutorial, you will be able to carry all you need in one place and still be protected from the rest of the items you have in your bag.

Velcro Wrap


Here’s a simple DIY idea for making a case to preserve your valuable camera. Of course, you can adapt the design sketch to fit the size of your own camera. All you need is a good fabric and great padding.

Padded Camera Lens Cases


Sometimes, instead of protecting the whole camera, you need to protect only the lenses. These padded camera lens bags can keep your lenses safe while you’re on the go. This detailed sewing guide will show you how to make the lens cases yourself and not spend a fortune on a special lens bag.



Have you bought a new camera recently? Are you now thinking about where and how to buy a bag that will fit all your camera accessories, and the camera, plus all the other stuff you have in your purse? Yes, those can cost a fortune. In this detailed tutorial, you will find instructions on how to make one yourself. The good thing is that the same tutorial can be used to create only the padding for camera protection that lets you use only one bag wherever you go.



In this tutorial, you can use a laminates bag that has become so popular and available these days. It will make the perfect camera bag for you to protect the camera that you carry around in your purse. The padding being the most important thing here, this bag can be your new accessory in no time.

Cozy Case


This bag perfectly fits your point-and-shoot camera. It can hold smaller appliances as well, and if you happen to have a bigger one, just adapt the size and you will get the perfect camera bag again. Make sure you choose the right colors, match them perfectly, and you’re all set to go.

These were the tutorials we choose for you. Of course, there are many others you can look up. Choose wisely, be creative, and share it with us in the comments below.

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