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Top 10 DIY Party Crafts

We love a good party, and kids do too whatever their age bracket. Whatever the occasion they are the same as us, they do not care for which occasion, just an excuse for a party with our closest friends and family.

Often though, parties involve a rather large amount of money being spent, and these below crafts are not only great for recycling purposes, doing your bit for your and our planet, but also to educate the small ones in the process. Hopefully making them smarter than the previous generation.

So, throw a party for so many reasons. Here are our Top 10 cool things to think about from young to, well, not so young ones.

Chalkboard Coasters



Doing a fancy garden party whatever the occasion? Then, you might have scrubbed out the long table and endless cooking, and cleaning once the whole thing is over and you have opted for a buffet. Smart. That doesn’t mean that the buffet isn’t beautiful, it just means you got smart! And you wish to give your buffet an extra edge and wish to write down what your guests are about to dig into. These coasters are super and rather easy to do. Write down the dish or some of the ingredients on offer for clear and precise communication.

Rainbow Ribbon Rings



The young ones and the not so young ones would love this. For the not so young part, we mean adults above 21! And with a cocktail or two, we are certain they would also love these things alongside their favorite 80s or 90s tune on the background! These ribbon rings are a great way to lighten the mood of any party making everyone enjoy themselves. Get everyone to dance their hearts out, and do not forget to take as many pictures and videos of your craft in action. Must!

Pink Candles and Glitter Candle Holders



If you wish to add a little luxury to your party within a budget and by that we mean, next to no budget, then this is a great little craft for anyone to try. They look great alongside a similar decor theme for the party for the indoors. We all tend to love candles and by no objection are these superb. Use them for the summer outdoors while enjoying friends and family wishing to create a little warmth and a lovely atmosphere around for all to enjoy.

Tassel Garland



Nothing says party more than tassels. Well, Champagne also but that is for another Top 10. In the meantime, tassel garlands it is. These are great anywhere in any room. It is the birth of any party having dozens of different colors dangling from the ceiling, from the mantelpiece, from ceiling lights – to anywhere that you can get away with placing them. Very easy to do and rather inexpensive too. They bring beautiful colors to your home for any occasion.

Painted Wall Confetti



We love confetti. And by that we mean, we all love them. Some of you might say no no they get everywhere, but if they are not present in your home you’d say: they are great we love them. So there. Anyway, these are the nice kinds. The kinds that stick to the walls without finding them years later in an unloved sock or beneath somewhere totally random. Or even stuck on your phone when you’re in the office in front of the CEO. These are perfect for a kid’s party wishing to get a little crafty for their party too.

CMYK Lanterns



Another great way to light up a party is with these beauties. There is a lot of flying to do and a fair bit of DIY, but we love these things. It could take a couple of hours but, very worth it for the small ones to enjoy throughout the day. If you are not up for making hundreds of little square pieces of paper you can buy them, but if you have little else on your diary planned, get the family cutting and involved.

Neon Party & A Chandelier



If you have an 80s party, then look no further. Take notes. Ok kids will love them too, let’s not be greedy here. You could possibly be starting something unique within your neighborhood and something so super cool that your children will love you forever. Well, at least for a couple of days least before winning about something else. No one will do something such as this, and nothing is too over the top for this one. This is a true show-off event and one to remember. Get invitation cards out within the same concept asking everyone to open them in the dark. Is there anything more awesome?

Coloring Tablecloth



If you are planning a kid’s party and wish to get the most out of creativity and activities throughout the day, then what better than creating a tablecloth that can be painted on, scribbled on, or simply drawn on that. It will make children stay at the table a little longer, and entertain them in the process. You might even be tempted to do placemats for the kids to enjoy on a daily basis. You will see, this actually works and kids are entertained, and not just with an iPad or a tv set playing in the background.

Let it Snow Globe



What better way to embrace winter by creating your very own snow globe. Or for some of us, we might not all have the luxury of snow of temperatures getting below 20 degrees celsius. Therefore, this could be an all-year-round thing. Get your very own glass jars that are not in use for very much, and create something even you will be impressed with. Children and adults alike love these snowy globes that leave us dreaming of something better making us momentarily go within the small globe. If you haven’t got glass containers, try-hard plastic. It will do the job just fine.

Monsters University: How to Make a Sulley Cup



It is all about budget. But actually, it is all about imagination and the art of telling yourself, no, I can do it! And it is great fun. If you have seen the Movie Monster University, or Monster Ink the first one, then you would be able to relate to these. We love that movie at the same time. Your son or daughter will love you for recreating their favorite figurines. Most of what you would need ought to be in your home with one or two things missing no more. Then, you can even do your very own cookie monster ice cream.

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