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Top 10 DIY Pretty Spring Wreath Ideas

What’s better than inviting spring in our home with a pretty spring wreath on the door? This surely is one of the best spring projects, especially if you decide to use fresh flowers as well. It can be grapevine wreath, or foam one, but with the right decorations it will surely look amazing no matter what. These are fun, DIY projects that won’t take much of your time or money, but yet they will bring some changes and we’re sure that your wreath is going to invite so many compliments. So, go ahead and see the ten wreath ideas below, choose you favorite and have fun!

1. DIY Spring Wreath


For this lovely wreath you need 3 cotton stems, bunch red twig branches, 1 bunch yellow willow branches, fresh flowers, floral wire and garden snips. Twist the cotton stems’ ends together and trim the willow and red twig branches to the desired length. Use the floral wire to wire together the branches and the cotton. Shape it into circular wreath, also connecting the ends with the floral wire. Attach the flowers you chose with wire to the wreath and you are ready to attach the wreath.

2. DIY Flower Wreath


For this beautiful, white floral wreath with pearls you need wood wreath, 4 steams of assorted fake flowers, 1 strand glass pearls, green glitter butterflies, giant crystals, glue sticks and glue gun, mini disco balls, small silver beads and white ribbon. Place the big flowers among the lower part of the wreath and fulfill the empty space with smaller ones. Start attaching more decorations, such as the butterflies, the disco balls and the beads. When you’re done with that, wrap a ribbon around the top of the wreath and attach the wreath on the door.

3. Tulip and Moss Wreath


Tulips are such gentle reminder that spring is here! For this wreath, make sure you have grapevine wreath, roll of moss, tulips, filler flowers, hot glue gun and scissors. Cut the roll of moss into two long and thin pieces. Glue one end on the back of the wreath and wind it around it. Continue doing this until it’s all on the wreath and then repeat the same with the other piece of moss. Glue the flowers all over the wreath, while cut the tulips a little bit and glue them as well.

4. Fabric Scraps Wreath


Foam wreath can look good as much as the twines! All you need is foam wreath, fabric scraps, felt flowers, hot glue gun, scissors, small pieces of poster board and 2 Pipe cleaners. Start wrapping and gluing the fabric around the foam wreath. Glue the flowers and the fake leaves on a piece of poster board and glue the pipe cleaners at the back. Attach the poster board on the wreath by tightening the pipe cleaners.

5. Purplicious Wreath


It’s simple to make this pretty purple wreath! But, it takes some time, so be prepared to spend an hour or more to have this amazing wreath hanged on your door. You need foam wreath for this one as well and yarn in any color you like. It doesn’t have to be a purple wreath! Use hot glue to attach the yarn around the wreath and after it’s dried and well – attached, you can start decorating with felt flowers, pearls… anything you like.

6. Grapewine Wreath with Big Flowers

Grapewine-Wreath-with-Big-Flowers via

One of the easiest wreaths on this list, this one only includes grapevine wreath and fresh, big and small flowers. Choose the ones you love the most – as you can see on the picture, peonies and hydrangeas look wonderful, especially when you add small, pretty flowers next to them. So, add the flowers on the twine and attach the wreath on your door. Simple, creative and very amazing!

7. Pretty in Pink Polka Dot Spring Wreath


For this project, you need wreath, fake flowers, ribbon, pliers, scissors, wreath hanger, glue gun and floral wire – the last two are optional. Use the pliers to cut the flowers about 6 inches from the base. Intertwine the flowers in the wreath and use glue or floral wire to secure, if you think you’ll need it. After the flower arranging, tie the ribbon around the wreath and on top of the wreath hanger, so that you can hang it on your door.

8. Tulip Door Wreath


Use foam wreath and tulips for this oh so spring project. Wrap a neutral ribbon around the wreath and with the help of a wire snip cut the tulips stems from the bundle. Start adding the tulips into every ribbon overlap. It should be one tulip overlap. If you have tulips on more colors, go one color at a time and when you’re done with that one, continue with other colors. Tie a ribbon around and hang in over the wreath hanger.

9. Garden Hose Spring Wreath


We’ve talked about grapevine or foam wreath, but this time it’s something totally different – a garden hose. Coil the garden hose and secure it with a large twist tie. Trim any flowers you previously picked and stuck them into the twist until you’re satisfied with the result. Add colorful garden gloves and secure them with a ribbon. That just it! It should take you about 10 minutes to make this colorful, happy wreath.

10. Pretty Spring Wreath


The last on the list is nothing you haven’t read about wreaths by now! It’s a simple process, and the outcome is simply gorgeous. You can experiment with different flowers if you want, or you can take this one as an idea. Use ivy as base layer and wrap it around the wreath. The rest is just adding different flowers in different colors, such as roses, pom pom flowers and similar. You can also tie a ribbon as a decoration as well! It looks really nice.

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