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Top 10 Fastest Growing Shade Trees

Trees are vital for our Planet. They help remove carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from the air; they give us oxygen, stabilize the soil and give life to the world’s wildlife. Besides all these, they also can serve to cast shade.

One of the best ways to keep your home cool during the hot summer months is to have shade trees around your house. Shade trees, planted in the right location, can help us save energy and money as well. If you are impatient, you might want to go for the fast-growing varieties.

Here are 10 beautiful, fast-growing shade trees that you should consider planting around your house.

1. Northern Red Oak


This beautiful variety is the Northern Red Oaktree. If you have plenty of space, it is an excellent specimen shade tree. They can grow over 100 feet tall with a trunk diameter of 3 feet, developing a large, broad crown under which you will have plenty of shade.

The leaves turn brilliantly red during the fall!

2. American Sycamore



The American sycamore tree, also known as the American plane-tree, grows to 75–100 feet tall and develops a massive trunk and broad canopy that casts a dense shade. They grow fast, as much as 6 feet per year, so that it might be a great choice for your yard.

3. Freeman Maple



This beautiful variety, the Freeman maple, is a hybrid of red maple and silver maple. In the fall, it turns into brilliant red-orange color. The Freeman maple typically grows 75–80 feet high by 45–50 feet wide and it prefers full sun and moist, well-drained soil.

4. Paper Birch



One of the most beautiful landscape trees that you can have in your backyard is the Paper birch. These white-barked trees typically grow up to 20 meters (66 ft) tall with a trunk up to 30 inches (76 cm) in diameter. Birches can also be tapped for their sap, which can be made into birch syrup.

5. Green Vase Zelkova



The Green Vase Zelkova has a shapely form and gracefully arching branches. This upright shade tree will grow to be about 60-70 feet tall at maturity, with a spread of 40-50 feet. It is a relatively low maintenance tree, very adaptable to both dry and moist locations.

6. Sweet Bay Magnolia



Sweet Bay Magnolia will bring a feeling of lightness to your landscape. The beautiful lemon-scented, creamy-white flowers will decorate the tree and your garden in late spring and early summer. It grows 10–20 feet high in the North to 60 feet high in the South, where it is happiest.

7. Northern Catalpa



Catalpas are easily recognized due to the long cylindrical, woody pod-like fruits they produce – hence their other common name, cigar tree. The cigar tree also has beautiful large showy flowers but the best thing about this variety is its thick canopy of large leaves and the rapid growth.

8. Eastern White Pine



The Eastern White Pine is a beautiful, fast-growing evergreen with soft blue-green needles. It makes a great windbreak or hedge in addition to a stunning specimen tree in the landscape. Mature trees are 50–80 feet high by 20–40 feet wide.

9. Hybrid Poplar



Hybrid poplar is one of the fastest-growing varieties, so if you are in a hurry for shade, this could be your best bet. These trees can grow up to 8 feet per year! There are various types of hybrid poplars; Populus deltoides or Populus nigra are the cottonless ones. In autumn, its foliage turns a brilliant yellow before shedding.

10. Green Giant Arborvitae



The Green Giant Thuja is one of the best trees for planting a privacy screen in your backyard. This evergreen grows 3 feet or more a year. Mature thujas are up to 50–60 feet high by 12–20 feet wide. If you want privacy, this is the tree you’re looking for. You can enjoy a lush green thick privacy wall in no time with these trees.

If you decide to plant shade trees in your house,  you can always look up for Austin arborists for tree care advice.

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