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Top 10 Feng Shui Tips For Workplace

Most of us know about the Feng Shui study of arranging the environment to enhance life. Feng Shui teaches how to make your living effortless. It reflects the energy in your home and workplace determines your life.

If you succeed in balancing the energy in your environment, you will also balance your own energy, and it will be in harmony. You will be reflected with people and opportunities with balance and harmony. This means that the environment indirectly determines the type of relationships, finances, career opportunities, etc., you attract.

Today’s article is about the tips for your work because we spend so much time in our workplaces, they have a huge influence on our lives. These feng shui tips will help you in creating balance in your work.

Position Your Desk so That You Are Facing the Entrance of Your Office or Cubicle



Since business and people are coming in through that entrance, it is important for you not to have your back towards them. Placing your desk this way will allow you to be less stressed out because you are not surprised at what is lurking behind you and are well prepared to attend to whatever comes through the opening. Worst case scenario that you cannot move your desk place a mirror so you can still see the entrance.

Don’t Sit Directly in Line with the Door



This opens you up to the path of assault of damaging power. As an alternative, shift your chair to a single side or the other so the damaging chi will pass you by.

Display A Crystal Sphere To Absorb Negative Chi



Nothing ensures harmony and more efficiency than crystal spheres. Place six in various sizes in the space you have consciously defined as your own. This will ensure your hours spent at work are pleasant and rewarding. Crystal spheres have significant, active power in this period of 8.

Choose The Right Chair



The chair you sit in at work will bear on how well you do in your career. Because you have to sit in it for long periods at a time, especially in a desk job, get an ergonomically designed chair to prevent back and neck strain. Herman Miller chairs are excellent office chairs because they are specially designed to minimize aches and strains, allowing you to sit at length without getting tired or uncomfortable. On the other hand, chairs meant for visitors do not need to be overly comfy, lest they overstay their welcome! When picking sofa sets and settees for meeting areas, go with something not too comfortable, for the same reasons. Harder sofa sets also generate a more dynamic type of chi energy more suited to the workplace.

Glass Walls Can Help with Your Productivity, but Too Many Can Create Privacy Issues



One of the main benefits of having glass walls is that you are approachable to your office mates. You are also held more accountable for your work and are more aware of what is going on in the office. But glass walls give a vulnerability that is only corrected by the protection of blinds. Even when blinds are not used, their presence gives you the option of privacy.

Make Sure You Have Proper Lighting



Fluorescent lights may do their job but can make your eyes sour, so if you are stuck with these lights in your office, think about replacing them with full-spectrum lights or table lamps that are healthier for your eyes. Lighting will improve your productivity by making your eyes less tired and stressed out.

Create a Nourishing View



What do you see when you look up from your desk? If you see a brick wall, this could explain why you feel stuck! Paint the wall a color you love, hang a favorite painting or poster. Make sure what you see as you are thinking uplifts you and nourishes your creativity.

Buy a Healthy Plant



Your brain desires more oxygen and what better way to satisfy this need than to decorate your office with plants that make the air better and create a more refreshing work environment. Right plants for the office that bring good luck are fortune plants.

Decorate Your Office with Some Water, such as a Miniature Fountain or Fish Tank



According to feng shui, water is associated with bringing in money. The rushing of water will also soothe your mind as you work.

Make Sure Everything At Your Desk Allows You To Be Comfortable



A good combination glare screen/radiation filter prevents headaches and eyestrain, a comfortable chair that doesn’t squeak, a comfortable keyboard and arm position, a mouse that fits your hand, etc. Anything that causes you discomfort will drain your energy.

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