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Top 10 Tasty French Recipes

It is not a secret that French cuisine is one of the tastiest and most famous in the world! There is no question why. As they say “In France, cooking is a serious art form and a national sport.” If you ever visited France, you sure know how much they love sitting around the table and enjoy good food. For them, food culture is important because it is bringing people together to enjoy the art of good eating and drinking, and it is a power to create: togetherness, the pleasure of taste, and the balance between human beings and the products of nature.

Famous for freshly baked baguettes, a huge variety of pastries (like croissants, brioche),  seafood and meat specialties, delicious desserts, humongous selection of cheese, and of course the wine as the intellectual part of the meal.

1. French Toast Kabobs


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What a way to start your day!? These delicious sweet skewers are a combination of french toast bites, berries, and toppings of your liking. The whole preparation takes less than half an hour and it is a great treat for kids, making them have the protein and fiber intake. You can drizzle them with maple syrup or honey, or simply dust them with icing sugar. Enjoy them together with a cup of coffee, tea or give yourself an extra treat with a warm hot chocolate aside. These kabobs can be consumed as a morning meal or as a dessert. Definitely brings joy to the family!

2. French Onion Dip


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This onion dip can be enjoyed as a mezze together with vegetable crudités, homemade potato chips, or crackers. The recipe can be also twisted. Instead of sour cream, you can combine it with fromage frais bought at the farmer’s market. To make it, it takes a few ingredients which most of the time you do have at home, for a very short time too. French are garlic and onion lovers, and this combination makes a perfect dip to start snacking without being full nor stuffed.

3. La Lotte à l’Armoricaine


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La Lotte à l`Armoricaine is a fish delicacy from the North West region in France, Brittany. To make the dish, you will need to cook the fish twice, first coated in flour than butter pan-fried and second flambéed in cognac. Now the sauce is relatively simple and the secret here is the spices and the herbs. In the original recipe, the Frenchies are using herbs from their region to reach the traditional taste cooked with generations. The base of the sauce is tomatoes, slowly cooked with dried white wine, herbs, and fish stock. After simmered and reduced for about 20 minutes, you have left to add the final touches, the fresh herbs. And voila, bon appétit!

4. Vanilla Creme Brulée


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It is a French recipe, however, the Spanish would like to call it “Crema Catalonia”, the English “Egg Custard”, but it is world known as French Creme Brulée. This delicious dessert is made out of vanilla beans, heavy cream, half-and-half (which is a mixture made out of whole milk and heavy cream), egg yolk, sugar, and salt. Preparing first the vanilla creme, then making the custard, and baking the ramekins in a water bath. The crunchiness on the top is caramelized sugar and this dessert can be enjoyed with an espresso shot or green tea!

5. Simple French Toast


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A classic lazy french breakfast would be a baguette, butter, and jam. But you can not go wrong making a French Toast with the bread you have left from the day before. The best choice would be brioche but otherwise, you can go for any white bread. To flavor this breakfast feast goes for nutmeg, cinnamon, or vanilla, adding into the egg mixture while soaking the slices. Mix berries, maple syrup, and icing sugar are the most common toppings. Otherwise, any type of nut butter will do its job!

6. Eggplant and Fresh Herb Tabbouleh


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Tabbouleh in France is mainly consumed in summer. This refreshing salad is a must-have in your picnic basket, as a side dish while eating barbeque, or just as a perfect lunch or dinner meal. For this salad to be a tabbouleh you need parsley, a lot of parsley. All ingredients need to be finely chopped in one bowl, adding: parsley, mint, tomatoes, bulgur or couscous, spring onions, and on this occasion grilled eggplants. The simplicity of the ingredients and the sourness of the lemon-pomegranate dressing makes this salad a great choice mainly on a hot day.

7. Bouillabaisse with a Red Pepper Rouille


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The home of Bouillabaisse is Marseille and the best one to try will be there. Arguable between a soup or a broth, this specialty is made out of rockfish in chunks of stew. The unique flavors of this dish have is coming from saffron, fennel seeds, and orange zest. As well as fish, this soup can be enjoyed with seafood and vegetables. Traditionally the broth is served with rouille, which means rust (from the color). It is a vital accompaniment to the bouillabaisse. In Marseille, the rouille is spread on a crouton dropped on top of the stew.

8. Boeuf Bourguignon


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Beef Bourguignon dish dates back to the Middle Ages and began as peasant food. Back at that time in the rural areas, it was cheap, filling, and could feed many. The ideal cut of beef will be from a muscley part of the animal (crucial for big flavor) and requires a long and slow cooking process. Cooking in red wine, bourguignon originates from provincial Burgundy, which is a region called Bourgogne in French, hence the name of this dish. The finished stew is filled with “melt-in-mouth” chunks of beef, mushrooms, along with plump onions and carrots in a deep rich in vin rouge stew.

9. Tartiflette


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Tartiflette comes from Savoy in the French Alps, inspired by a traditional dish, a gratin of potatoes. In this cheesy recipe, the French are adding fried crispy lardons cooked in white wine. You don’t call it tartiflette if, before baking, you don’t put a layer of Reblochon cheese. The cheese is made of cow’s milk from the Savoy region. Most popular in the ski resorts served in the menus of their restaurants. Doesn’t take much time and it is a safe meal when you did not plan your menu for the day!

10. French Onion Soup


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Simply divine! The secret – the caramelization of the onions! The most time-consuming part while making this delicious soup and definitely must have French recipe, is standing over the stove and stirring the onions. Therefore I highly recommend, when making an onion soup do it times two the quantity. It is a painful process yet with mega rewarding results. Serve in individual ramekins, slice to shape thick country bread, and add a generous amount of Gruyère cheese. Grill until the cheese is brown and dives in!

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  2. I’m rather disappointed, I must say I was expecting all French recipes. Not French Toast, French onion soup, and French onion dip… and the clearly more creole/New Orleans recipes… At least there are a few actual French recipes though I guess…


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