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How Technology Is Playing A More Central Role In The Beauty Industry

Gone are the days where beauty just consisted of a few creams, powders and accentuating products like mascara and eyeliner. Today, there’s no limit to how far the beauty industry will go, and it seems there is a product for just about everything. 

Beauty and technology have become inexplicably entwined, offering innovative solutions for customers who want to look their best. From viral filters to virtual make up and lesser-known products, here is how technology has informed the beauty industry.

Makeup Filters

Want to post a cute selfie on Instagram but don’t want to put on a full face of makeup? That’s where the makeup filter comes in, transforming your face, disguising blemishes and enhancing your best features without you even having to pick up a stick of lipstick. 

Put simply, it’s a girl’s best friend and takes the labour out of beauty which, considering the busy lives we all lead, is a welcome change.

Virtual Makeup

Not to be confused with the makeup filters, virtual makeup is a gamechangers for shoppers who prefer to buy products online. Virtual makeup offers a great solution for those who want to try before they buy. 

The augmented reality tool is now being used by many cosmetic firms and allows customers to try on makeup virtually before buying it. It’s a novel solution which will only grow as shopping habits change. 

Wax Heater Technology

Who says you need to visit the salon and pay lots of money to get a great wax? Now with waxing kits and heaters that melt hard or soft wax to the selected temperature, you can have a professional wax job in the comfort of your own home and at a fraction of the price.

Installed with an intelligent touch panel which controls the temperature precisely, it’s a must-have product for beauty afficionados everywhere.

Automated Hair Analysis

Hair looking a little tired? There’s a product for that! This technology is changing hair care by using infrared to assess the moisture levels and tone of your hair. This way, you can easily evaluate the health of your hair and buy products as necessary. 

Smart Mirrors

A virtual assistant in skin care, the smart mirror does a very similar job as the automated hair analyser; that is, assessing the healthiness of your skin through a digital mirror. The app takes a picture of your face, scans it for redness, pores and acne, and gives you a score and personalised suggestions.

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