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How to Style Men’s Bomber Jacket Casually


A leather jacket is a timeless wardrobe staple that offers coziness, warmth, and style to its wearer. It is available in several styles to suit various events. The bomber-style jacket was initially created as a flight jacket for military pilots during World War II. Bomber jacket were designed to be warm and practical, allowing wearers to move freely while staying warm at high altitudes. The original bomber jackets had fur inside and were crafted with leather.

Every fashion-conscious man should keep a bomber jacket in his closet because it is a timeless piece of clothing. The bomber is the solution if you’re looking for something to keep you warm during the winter or a statement style to finish casual outfits. 

Check out our article on how to wear a bomber jacket casually. To make the bomber jacket trend work for you, we’ll show you just what to put on and how to look fantastic!

Black beauty

A black bomber jacket is a classic option when putting together an ensemble. Wearing it over a crisp white shirt can add to your outfits for warmer days, or you can use it as a layering item over a cotton zip-up jacket. This black beauty can give your regular outfit a more elegant touch.

How about pairing it with a checkered shirt? Well, a checkered shirt is an attractive piece regardless of color. In addition to being fashionable due to its distinctive design, a red flannel shirt would appear great if worn underneath a black bomber jacket.

Also, nothing can look more elegant than a black-on-black outfit. Wear a black roll-neck sweater and a black bomber jacket on top of it. It creates a silhouette like no other. Alternatively, try pairing a plain black shirt, black chinos, and a black bomber jacket. The most fabulous boots you own should then be used to finish the outfit in a casual mode.

Lastly, a black bomber jacket and khaki dress pants can perfectly combine dressy and laid-back styles. Finishing off with a pair of black suede tassel loafers is an easy way to give your look more depth.

White is right

A crisp white bomber jacket complements outfits in a way other hues would not. For instance, a thin bomber jacket in white is perfect for the spring season when other darker shades might not be suited. Layer it over bold designs for a vibrant appearance on any casual day.

However, with a white bomber jacket and charcoal dress pants, you can easily nail the traditional casual look. Loafers in black leather are a wise choice to complete this ensemble.

Also, if you like practical menswear, consider wearing a white bomber jacket with white chinos. Finish with a pair of dark brown suede tassel loafers for a more elegant look.

For a very fashionable and on-trend casual ensemble, try combining a black pair of shorts with a white bomber jacket. Complete your look with white canvas slip-on sneakers to really show off your skills at outfit coordination.

Bold red

It takes some talent to wear a bold red bomber jacket successfully. Due to the daring nature of a  red bomber jacket, try wearing neutrals for the remainder of your ensemble. For a classic casual style, try a combination of jeans, t-shirt and sneakers –all in neutral shades such as black or white.

For a relaxed and stylish look, wear a red bomber jacket with charcoal pants. You will look amazing when you add a pair of white canvas low-top shoes to the ensemble.

Try pairing a red bomber jacket with ripped black jeans to be both off-duty and functional. Complement this look with a pair of white canvas low-top sneakers. Or, for a more casual style, dress in a red bomber jacket and navy denim. Put on a pair of casual boots made of dark brown leather to complete your ensemble.

Cool blue 

A blue bomber jacket targets an effortlessly chic and simple to wear look. A desriable ensemble involving a blue bomber jacket can include torn skinny jeans, a shirt, white sneakers, and your preferred top. The colors range from light blue to navy. While trendy and stylish, this contemporary and laid-back look may be worn to any event. 

Also, the casual combination of a blue bomber jacket with dark green chinos ensures that you will seem incredibly fashionable and professional. Finish off the outfit with white and blue athletic shoes to avoid appearing too formal.

Unique burgundy 

The rare style of the burgundy bomber jacket is ideal for creating appeal while still maintaining a classic base in your ensemble. Burgundy bomber outfits can be threatening because of their hue, but you should dress accordingly. Black pants, a white shirt, and black sneakers are good choices for this look. Try pairing the jacket with khaki chinos, light denim jeans and a light-colored T-shirt. Add traditional white shoes for a lighter casual look. 

Olive green

The military heritage of olive green bomber jackets is well reflected in them. Don’t be scared to use olive frequently because it is a classic color for menswear. For those chilly winter days, layer it over your favorite brightly colored sweatshirt, or go for a casual style with dark blue jeans, ankle boots, and a T-shirt. Top your white turtleneck with an olive jacket for a more elegant appearance. 

Brown suede

Suede bomber jackets are a key piece for bringing variation to your outerwear. Brown suede bombers are fantastic pieces for softer outfits for casual occasions. In the winter, smart-casual events call for suede bombers worn over a gray sweater.


Despite the fact that black and brown dominate the world of men’s fashion, do not be afraid of trying other colors. The quickest approach to stand out is in this way. You can choose from white, burgundy, or even navy bomber jackets that are available in the market. These are excellent options for the springtime. During the winter and autumn, black and brown bomber jackets for men seem more constricting.

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