When you’re feeling fragile, on a health kick, or catering for kids, alcohol-free punches and cocktails really come into their own. Why settle for water or pop when you can keep cool with a refreshing raspberry mojito, down a pomegranate fizz or mix a virgin mocktail. Don’t be embarrassed while you’re out with your friends and you are not able to drink. Order a great virgin cocktail at the bar and feel refreshed. Make everyone in the family happy by mixing one of these delicious mocktails. From Bloody Mary to Sangria (all virgin, of course!), we’ve got you covered.

Raspberry Mojito

refreshing-mocktail-recipes_01Recipe via brittneyhogan.wordpress.com

Toothless Shark

refreshing-mocktail-recipes_02Recipe via netmums.com

Hot Toddy Mocktail

refreshing-mocktail-recipes_03Recipe via noshmyway.com

Cranberry Ocean

refreshing-mocktail-recipes_04Recipe via caroselloblog.com

Florida Gold Punch

refreshing-mocktail-recipes_05Recipe via cravelocal.com

Berry Mimosa Mocktail

refreshing-mocktail-recipes_06Recipe via spoonful.com

Sangria Mocktail

refreshing-mocktail-recipes_07Recipe via noshmyway.com

Serano Fizz

refreshing-mocktail-recipes_08Recipe via lajollamom.com

Pomegranate Fizz

refreshing-mocktail-recipes_09Recipe via momtastic.com

Virgin Bloody Mary

refreshing-mocktail-recipes_10Recipe via peanutbutterandpeppers.com