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Top 10 Insta-Worthy Christmas Tree Decorations

With over 26-million #christmastree, 570,000 #christmastrees and close to 250,000 #christmastreedecorating hashtags on Instagram, our feeds are filled with festive season inspiration. But how can you at home get a gram-worthy tree?

The UK’s leading bespoke jewellery manufacturer, Diamonds Factory Ireland, has analysed thousands of the top “liked” Instagram photos from around the world which are trending across some of the most popular Christmas hashtags. They found the most common (and uncommon!) features that will get you the most likes. 

From floral tree toppers to the decline of tinsel, they have pulled together the ultimate guide to get you an Insta-worthy Christmas tree.

Interestingly, tinsel was hardly featured on any of the most popular Christmas trees, at only 6%. Green trees were also overwhelmingly popular at 90% compared to 10% of Christmas trees which were white. Perhaps this is because “real” Christmas trees are making a comeback! Other decorations that made the unpopular list include green flowers, red flowers and drums, all at 6%.  

The Results


Top Ten Insta-worthy Necessities

  1. Warm lights (93%)

It wouldn’t be Christmas without Christmas lights! A major defining feature across most of the popular Christmas trees were lights and with the dark winter nights, there’s nothing like some Christmas lights to brighten up the room! 

  1. Small Baubles (83%)

Interestingly, 83% of Christmas trees had small baubles. This was compared to big baubles that were on 33% of Christmas trees analysed.

  1. Gold Baubles (67%)


Gold baubles were the most popular colour decoration at 67%, probably because they can be easily matched against most other colours! 

  1. Silver baubles, white baubles (57%)

In fourth place, silver and white baubles have tied at 57%, making them a common feature on over half of the most popular Christmas trees. The key to Christmas is lots of light, sparkle and symmetry which can be achieved with silver and white baubles.

  1. Maximalist design (56%)

Although in recent years there has been a trend towards minimalistic design, when it comes to Christmas trees it seems less is not more. Over half of the most popular Christmas trees on Instagram had a maximalist design with lights, baubles, pine cones, Christmas stockings and more! This was compared to 47% of trees which sported a minimalistic design.

  1. Floral tree topper (53%) 


The Christmas tree topper is considered the crowning glory and helps to set the look for the entire tree. Interestingly, we’re seeing floral tree toppers dominate with over half of all the Christmas trees analysed rocking this trend. Classic tree toppers such as a star (37%) and an angle (10%) are less popular. 

  1. Wicker tree skirt (43%)

A tree skirt is an easy and stylish way to elevate your Christmas tree. There are plenty of options available but it seems a wicker tree skirt will get you the most “likes” with 43% of Christmas trees preferring this material. This was compared to fabric tree skirts at 20% and metal tree skirts at 13%. 

  1. Red baubles (40%)

Red baubles were the fourth most popular decoration colour at 40%. 

  1. Fake snow (26%)


Fake snow was another popular trend at 26%. A little dusting of snow can instantly transport you to the North Pole! 

  1. Ornaments with writing (24%)

Just under a quarter of the Christmas trees analysed were adorned with ornaments with writing. It featured a mix of store-bought decorations along with DIY decorations for a personal touch. Making your own ornaments is also a really fun activity to do with the family!


The shortlist for the most Instagrammed Christmas trees is based on data retrieved from Instagram. We analysed the top three related hashtags, identifying the most common features of the top 10 most “liked” Christmas trees. This data was retrieved in November 2021. 

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