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Top 10 Summer Nails For This Season

We’re already well into the season of picnics, beach bonfires and combi van road-trips, and you know what that means, beauties — time to make a splash! With your nail art, that is. Nothing is nicer than a set of well-manicured nails … may as well have a little design fun while your manicuring.

Need some nail art inspiration? Get ready for some manicure magic as we bring you the hottest nail designs for this summer.

Switch your boring old polish for one of these clever creations by clicking ahead to check out top ten nail art tutorials for summer. It’s the perfect way to accessorise your look for when the mercury starts to rise and will keep you entertained all season long.

Sunset Nails



When we see this nail design, we always think about the most beautiful summer sunset on the beach. Till the day you go on vacation, make these cheerful two coloured nails and decorate them with some word or other application.

Navy Nails



Navy style is almost always trendy. But it is more summery than putting some navy outfit during the winter. This navy nail art design is so cool. You need 3 different colour nail polish: red, white and dark blue and there you are!

Ombre Nails



First, it was ombre hair, and now it’s ombre nails. With ombre nails, you can combine two or three of your favourite nail colours to create a pretty cool gradient pattern. No wonder, ombre nails are so uniquely beautiful, and the colour palette is enormous! From statement neon ombre nails to classic beige or black for the day.

Metallic Nails



This trend is actually one we’ve tried before, but it’s still in this summer. We love how a metallic colour looks on your ring finger when the rest of your nails are painted a different colour. You can also add metallic into your nail look by just painting your tips a metallic colour.

DIY Velvet Manicure



Now there is the Velvet manicure. Ciaté has not launched their Velvet Manicure kits yet, though they are supposed to land at Sephora within a month. But you do not have to spend much money on that; you can make the velvet nails by yourself. Just follow the instructions.

White Nails



Are we the only ones used to paint our nails with White-Out when we were bored in class? Well, we guess that paved the way for this next trend. If you are too afraid of white polish, you can opt for a light pink instead. Try Fiji by Essie. It’s one of our favourites!

Neon Rainbow



Make a loud statement this Summer with neon rainbow tie-dye nail art. It’s colourful, cheerful and they will fit all your clothes. It’ll brighten things right up!

Aztec Nails



You and your friends will go nuts for these Summer-perfect aztec creations from one of our favourite nail art bloggers. Make the aztec nail design with few different colours like yellow, blue and pink. So summery!

Watermelon Nail Art



It isn’t summering without some sliced watermelon somewhere in the equation, so why not sport this tasty fruit on your nails? Look how they nice are, the best combination of green and pink colours.

All Colours Nail Design



Those talons look like delicious Splice icy poles or tasty neon sorbet lollies, the perfect sugary pick-me-up for the sunny season. You have white nail polish in combination with orange, pink and green. So cheerful!

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