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Top 10 Summer Fashion Outfits

How much do we all love the clouds disappearing from our skies revealing only sunshine lighting our moods? Who says sunshine means a new wardrobe. Fashion gurus have created new trends for this year, and 2021 is going to be one of the top years within our 21st-century living.

Perfect ways but with the below top 10 summer fashion outfits for you. Let your expression stand out and be free.

Pleated Striped Mini Skirt, White T-Shirt, And Sneakers


The positive about being home, if you had a garden, is that you might have used the beautiful days to top up that tan a little. And therefore, now is the time to show this off! The neverending simple and loose white top will forever be in fashion for its versatility and always and should be part of your closet items. Indispensable some might say. The striped mini skirt gives a sense of longitude to your legs and is offset once again by the color white for the sneakers. A simple yet super charming look giving you that radiant look with the sunshine rays shining off you, literally. A confident and bold move in all simplicity while looking amazing.

Plaid Matching Summer Set


Plaid has been in our lives for over 300 years would you believe. It was the in-thing in Scotland back then and still is the in thing as we speak today. Could this be one of the longest living fashion patterns of all time? We wonder. It is the symbol of the country displaying its rich history. And we think that’s cool to know! The three-piece suit so to speak is worn discreetly, oozes with class, and is very youthful to wear. It screams out fun and smiles and good moods. Wear this in total confidence with a pair of white sneakers, or even a pair of flats – looking ready to embrace the day in style.

Floral Dress With Nude Colored Sandals


The wonderful attribute with a long dress, and the reason you should definitely consider them part of your everyday fashion styles, is that they are so easy to wear. All you need is to put it on, with no effort whatsoever, a pair of nude-colored heels, and you are done and ready to go out. The process will take no longer than a couple of minutes. Wavy hair is totally fine, it’ll add effortlessly, womanly character! Perfect for being sun-kissed ever so gently and incredibly comfortable too. Add accessories such as a thin necklace going down lightly towards your cleavage, add discreet earrings too, and perhaps a golden or silver thin bracelet to maximize your look; as long as all your jewelry is made from the same color and material for continuity purposes.

Linen Pants And Top With A Bamboo Bag


Warmth and linen are possibly the best fashion patterns ever to constantly be feeling cool and comfortable. On top of that, super fashionable and looking like you are really in control of your life too. It isn’t always about mini skirts and showing off too much, it is all about the way you carry this off. The two-toned rich, brownie grey top looks superb offset by the crisp white of the three-quarter-length linen trousers. Add detailing such as the brown bamboo bag, dotted neck scarf that can be added to your wrist as a loose and fluffy bracelet, couple rings here and there, a pair of flat sandals and you are looking like you’d belong on Hollywood Boulevard.

Gingerbread Linen Wrap Mini Dress With Heels


Oversized clothing has been an in thing for some time, instead of always going for the super tight. Fashion has turned into a chapter where all women, in general, can enjoy fashion, in all shapes and sizes, tall or not so tall. Fashion, in general, realized that women come in all forms. Super easy to wear, but looking like you have spent hours in front of the mirror. But the truth is, it takes seconds. And still, you will look stunning! There is something rather flamboyant yet subtle about this dress, with a little Andalucia style from the south of Spain with the bottom part of the dress. A pair of nude heels compliment the outfit perfectly, with gold accessories such as a pair of looped earrings, a bracelet, and why not a discrete golden pendant around your neck.

Bike Denim Shorts With Oversized Shirt


You’re in the city, and not on a fancy Boulevard somewhere super exotic and wish to mimic the aura of the area you are from, with a busy city feel – then without a doubt this is one look to definitely go for. Ripped off denim shorts, in all its simplest form, nothing too fancy, with an oversized shirt pulls off the most decontracted look; ever. A pair of sandals compliment the look with a small heel at the back for those womanly steps you are about to take forth. Wear a pair of oversized shades too to maximize the final outfit wearing it in total confidence while hitting the high streets, maybe even treating yourself to ice cream. It is just that look you’ll want to pull off.

Blazer Pink Dress


Let’s face it, a lot of items in your closet are either in white, all shades of browns, back, and perhaps even beige. Count how many colored items you’ve got. Yeah, not enough correct? Time for a change. The woman in you wishes to splash out colors and embrace the moment. All you will need for such a wow factor braving the brightest and flashiest of all colors, pink, is confidence. And believe us when we say, you totally have it in you! Nothing more amazing but to see women in colors on a summer’s day. Plenty of other occasions for all those browns to come out of your closet! Slowly but surely, replace items that deserve more from your outgoing personality. Match with a pair of colored sandals.

Brown Cut Out Dress


As the old saying goes, still true today, if you’ve got it, flaunt it! And no other ways to express that than with a lovely little number such as this one. It has a little “J’adore” look from Charlize Theron in the ever so popular advert for the epic perfume. This is perfect for hitting the beach, or feeling like you ought to be by a beach! Wear a thin and simple gold necklace, having most of the focus on the natural curves you will be exposing in total control and confidence.

Classic High-Waist Trousers With Sleeveless Top


High-waisted pants are simply incredible. They make your figure really stand out and can also give the illusion of length regarding the leg area. A tight waist and tight bottom to accentuate your slender figure alongside a sleeveless cropped top add a complete summer look wearing basically, all the self-confidence in you. You might need a pair of heels as these classic high waist trousers can get rather long on the leg front.

Stone Ribbed Knit Jumpsuit


What we love about jumpsuits, is that they fit all kinds of occasions from a casual walk around town to a fancy dinner party until the early hours. They simply dress with almost no effort and in seconds you are transforming yourself into an absolute goddess! They flatter most shapes and sizes too and are perfect when worn with opened sandals and overall minimal fuss. Wear this with a thin belt matching the color of the jumpsuit, adding slenderness to your waist. Match with pastel-colored nails and a teardrop necklace. The look is terrific for a relaxed luxurious approach. This could perhaps be the best of all worlds in terms of the way it can be worn.

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