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Sweetest Gift Guide for Valentines Day


The Sweetest Guide to Valentine’s Gifting for Your Sweetie

Valentine’s Day is coming, as it does once a year, every year. The pink and red hearts begin to appear in store windows, chocolates are on the front of every catalog, and restaurants run out of reservations faster than you can say “dinner for two.” There’s a lot to think about, and all the commercialism surrounding this celebration of love sometimes means we feel real pressure to get it all right. 

Taking the pressure off yourself and your partner around Valentine’s Day means you can relax and enjoy the person you love- after all, that’s what this holiday is all about! Gifting shouldn’t be stressful; if you’re going to give a gift, it should be full of joy and love. Getting that part of the celebration sorted ahead of time helps minimize the pressure and maximize the enjoyment. We hear you asking, “But what could I give?” Well, we always recommend a nice piece of jewelry. It’s a classic! From Clogau jewelry to handmade, from bespoke to ultra high-end, there’s a kind of jewelry available to suit your partner’s tastes. There’s the weekend away- another excellent option. You could give something suited to their hobbies like a pottery or art class…there are so many options. Let’s check out a few of the best.


From a weekend in the mountains to a trip to Europe, giving travel as a gift creates a lasting bond and memories for the giver and the receiver. Keep your personal budget in mind; there’s no point in buying the tickets to Greece if you can’t afford accommodation. Keep your partner’s schedule and habits in mind as well. You don’t want to surprise them with a trip they aren’t able or prepared to take because of work or personal preferences. If you need to ask your partner ahead of time to ensure that the trip is something they really want and that you’re taking them somewhere they genuinely want to go, do it! It may not be a surprise on Valentine’s Day, but the gift will be perfect.


It may seem cliché, but clichés have become clichés because they’re worked so well for a long time! Jewelry lasts for a long time, and tastes in jewelry are very personal. You may need to ask some of your partner’s close friends or family if the relationship is on the newer side or if you don’t trust your own taste. There’s no shame in that! Ask away if it means getting exactly the right piece for the person you love the most. 



This is one of our personal favorites! There are so many different options when it comes to gifting food of some kind. No one has ever said no to some classic Valentine’s chocolates! Just be sure that your partner eats dairy, or find a delicious dark chocolate/ vegan chocolate option to substitute for classic milk chocolate. You could go the homemade route and bake them a cake or make them a delicious Valentine’s dinner from scratch. If that sounds like it might test your cooking skills a little, there’s the option of hiring a private chef or taking them out to dinner at their favorite restaurant.


The gift of learning is one that will keep giving as long as your partner is on this earth. These days, there are so many online courses that you won’t have to look very far to find the perfect language or design course for your partner to try out. In-person classes are also loads of fun and particularly helpful for learning skills like cooking or art. Remember to carefully consider your partner and their personality when selecting a gift like this. Think back over the many conversations you’ve had and try to remember if they’ve ever mentioned a desire to learn flamenco or how to code. It’s the perfect thoughtful gift.



Another gift that keeps on giving! A book may dovetail with the gift of a class, but it can also be a way to give your partner some alone time in the world of their choice. Avid readers disappear completely into the books they love, from fantasy to biography, from history to manga; the world of literature is vast. Your partner’s current bookshelf or Goodreads list will be your best friend in figuring out which books they would most gratefully receive. Be sure to check if an e-book or a physical copy would be best received; some readers rely entirely on a kindle, while others could never replace the smell of a newly opened book.

Wrap Up

Any of these gifting ideas will be the perfect companion to a heartfelt “I love you” come Valentine’s Day.

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