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Top 10 Reasons Why Taurus Is The Best Zodiac Sign

People born between April 21 and May 21 are born under the star sign of Taurus. The Taurus Bull is stubborn, strong-headed, fearless, and patient but can be raging when provoked. Taurus is known for a great eye for beauty, a tender and caring nature, and a desire for comfort and security. If these reasons were not enough to love Taurus, let’s see what other positive personality traits they have.

1. Dependable

Taureans are socially loyal and warm-hearted. If you are in trouble, you can count on a Taurus friend or family member. They would do anything for anyone who deserves it. If you need something, Taurus would be there in a second to help, no questions asked, and they wouldn’t expect anything in return.

2. Patient

Taurus-born people are known for their patience. They can sit and listen for hours without getting annoyed, and they have the patience to guide others in the right direction. They also love peace and tranquility. They hardly get angry without reason, and they are never impulsive but once roused or provoked, they can get ferocious and raging, just like the bull.

3. Determined

Taureans are noted for their determination. They will persistently put in all the efforts and march towards their goals slowly but steadily each day. Their stability and loyalty, paired with their dogged determination, will always get them where they want to be. It is almost impossible to deviate or move a Taurus from their path. They never lose their focus.

4. Eye For Beauty

Ruled by the planet Venus, which represents all things beautiful and artistic, Taureans enjoy the finer things in life. They often surround themselves with nice possessions (pieces of art, jewelry, etc.), and they like to indulge in rich food and wine. Taureans have a strong aesthetic taste, and they have many fine artistic abilities as well. Taurus often choose a career in music, dance, drama, or art, living up to their creative potentials.

5. Stability

Being an Earth sign, Taurus is always as firm as the Earth. They remain consistent with whatever they do or say. If a job has to be done, you can trust a Taurus. If they start something, they will never leave it undone or half done. This stability and persistence are what make them reach their goals, creating a life for themselves that is comfortable and functional.

6. Peace Lover

Taurus is one of the most peaceful and gentle signs of the zodiac. It is rare for them to lose their temper and display anger or aggression. If a Taurus gets angry, there is definitely a good reason behind it. They are generally easy-going people; they love peace, tranquility and have a lot of patience in them.

7. Practical

Taurus people don’t fly in the air; they are always with both feet on the ground. They don’t give in very easily and are very pragmatic and practical. They generally aim for exact and real things in life, and they achieve them with their energetic and practical approach. Failures and setbacks rarely dampen their spirits.

8. Hardworking

Taurus is a very hardworking star sign with good craftsmanship being persistent, and determined to get things done. A career that allows them to build up wealth or material objects is well-suited for them. The Taurus needs to have a stable and secure job position that gives them material stability and luxury.

9. Down-to-earth

Taurus is the first of the Earth signs, and as such, it truly embodies the expression “solid as a rock.” Even when they acquire wealth and success, it rarely goes to their heads. They have a grounded, realistic and pleasant personality, and they strive for comfort and security instead of flashy and over-the-top things.

10. Sensual

Taurus is a sophisticated sign with an eye for art, an ear for music, and a palate for food. Taurus women are affectionate, feminine, and sensual, which is not surprising, considering that the ruling planet is Venus. They enjoy romantic thrills, but they rarely rush into a relationship. Instead, they practice a great deal of patience before entering into a relationship.

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