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The Mom Do’s and Dont’s Hairstyle You Need to Know


We all know a mom who always looks great. She’s the one who has mastered the art of applying her makeup flawlessly, styling her hair just so, and also the perfect balance of sexy and classy. Although, as good as she may look, she doesn’t even come close to being as impressive as when she makes breakfast for her children with no running mascara or messed-up hair. She can smile and laugh with her kids while doing dishes and cleaning the house with no makeup.

Have you ever heard of medium length hairstyles for moms that look great with the kids? Well, if you don’t, we can’t blame you. The best-looking long hairstyles for moms aren’t going to cut it when you’re out of the house, running errands, and picking up your kids from school. You may be looking for a hairstyle that’s quick and easy to do in the mornings and maintains some elegance while looking great with no makeup on.

The 4 Do’s Hairstyles For Moms

1. Messy Updo for Moms

You can still look sexy and classy while doing your daughter’s hair between school drop-offs. Take one side of your hair and secure it with a bobby pin while leaving the other side out. The messy bun is great for any occasion and isn’t too difficult to do before you have to leave the house. The more chaotic it is, the better. It gives you a tousled look that says, “I have a life!” Just make sure you choose to wear this hairstyle if it fits your face shape.

2. Long Wavy Hairstyles for Moms

An extended, smooth pageboy cut is the hairstyle that makes you look your best without makeup. It’s flattering regardless of whether you have thick or thin hair, and it highlights your eyes and face shape when worn correctly. The key to wearing this hairstyle is keeping the back short with long loose bangs. It will balance out the center of your face, drawing attention away from any flaws that may be there while still highlighting your eyes and cheekbones.

3. Short Hairstyles For Moms

If you don’t want to keep a short hairstyle between your children, consider getting highlights instead. Your stylist can transform even the smallest of haircuts into something that looks great when done with highlights. They’ll also add body to your hair and make the face shape look overall more defined.

4. Medium-Length Hairstyles for Moms

The key to pulling off a textured hairstyle is that the right products will make your hair stand out. They’ll keep the hair tidy while giving it some texture, making you look like you just got out of bed even though you’re heading to work.

The 4 Don’ts Hairstyles For Moms

1. Blonde Hairstyles for Moms

A blonde updo hairstyle for mom isn’t a great choice if you have curly hair. It’s simply too risky, and you’ll get tangled easily with this style. Also, if your hair is thin and delicate, it’s best left to those who want to wear blondes. Your hair will look much lighter when worn in this style, which might not be what you want.

2. Ponytail Hairstyle for Moms

A ponytail is a go-to hairstyle for moms who want something quick and easy to wear with their kids or during the day. The problem is that most women do not wear ponytails properly. Please make sure you choose one long enough to give you volume, but not so long that it hangs down your back. Avoid ones that are too tight or loose, and make sure your hair isn’t getting tangled in them throughout the day.

3. Updo Hairstyles for Moms

If you’re trying to choose a hairstyle for mom that’s easy to style, avoid any updo hairstyles. If you’ve been sleeping on the couch all day, you’ll probably choose a style that looks great only when your hair isn’t tousled. Also, avoid any hairstyles that are too messy or chaotic as they may not look good with your face shape or overall facial features. Choose a hairstyle that’s neat and clean instead.

4. Trendy Hairstyles for Moms

If you want to try out some new hairstyles that might look good with your face shape, choose a trendy hairstyle if possible. It’ll give you a fresh look and will be high fashion in no time. If you’re not sure what styles are in today, head to your favorite magazines such as Vogue or Elle and browse through the latest looks that these publications have featured that week.

With these hints and tips, you’ll at least be able to come up with some ideas of your own. If you follow these simple tips and tricks, you’ll be able to create a whole new look for mom without too much trouble. After trying a few different styles and experimenting with different hairstyles, you’ll find a style that’s both modern and classic at the same time.

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