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Top 10 Tips For Coloring Your Hair At Home

Dyeing your hair at home can actually be easy; you just need to know few things before you start coloring your hair. First of all, you need to provide yourself with the needed tools to choose the right shade.

Suppose you want to cover only your grey, then it’s easy to choose the color. But, if you want to change your hair color completely, you can ask some experts for advice.

Another option is to fill in some questionnaires you can find on the internet, which can help you choose which hair color is the best for you. You can also taste the hair color first by applying just a few strands of hair.

These are the top ten tips that can help you master your hair’s dyeing and help you save some money.

Tools You Need Before You Dye



Before you start coloring your hair, you need to have on hand a few items that don’t come in most hair color boxes: paintbrush, bowl, clips, rattail comb, two dark towels, and an alcohol-based facial toner.

Select a Shade



Stop wondering which hair color is the best for you. You can’t know exactly how the hair color will look on your face and your skin color. There are some questionnaires on the Internet you can fill in and figure out which one is the best for you.

Keep it Simple



If you don’t want to change your hair color but just cover the grey shades, you can absolutely dye your hair at home. You don’t need to spend a lot of money going to the beauty salon just covering your grey shades.




If you are trying some new color that you haven’t used before, apply just a few strands of hair to see if this is the shade you desire.

Petroleum Jelly



Use petroleum jelly to prevent staining your face and ears. Dab petroleum jelly around your hairline before you apply the hair color.

Apply It Right



The fine hairs around your face absorb color quicker, giving more processing time to the back of the head.

Hide Your Roots



If your goal is to cover your grey, you better pay more attention to your roots. Apply conditioner all over dry hair except for your hearts, then paint just the regrowth with dye.

Highlights at Home



Buy one more box of hair color, a shade or two lighter to create highlights around your face. Start with dry hair. Tautly hold a spaghetti-thin section from around your face. Use a color brush to swipe the highlighting solution from the roots to the ends.

Ask for Help



If you can’t dye your hair alone, ask some of your friends to help you. You could also make some homemade face and nail treatments on the same day and have fun together.

Keep the Color From Fading



After coloring, rinse hair, but then wait two to three days before washing. The color needs to settle into strands. Avoid using shampoo more than three times a week.

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