There are so many amazing things we are missing living in our urban environment. With our modern and fast paced way of living, we rarely devote time to enjoy the nature. And that is very sad! Our mother Earth has given so much beauty for our eyes and souls that you can never get enough of it. The 10 wonderful photos that you will find below are just a snap of all the amazing world that’s out there! Whether you adore high mountains, rivers, lakes, animals or even insects, it will not cost you much to visit the nearest place and enjoy the calmness of the nature and devote some quality time to yourself. Free your spirit and explore the Earth!


BeePhoto by Jacky Parker

The Giant Lake Swirl Phenomenon, Oregon

carter-lake-oregonPhoto credit to

Killer Whale

whalePhoto credit to

Fire Hole River, Wyoming

fire-hole-river-wyomingPhoto by Ron Niebrugge


green-frogPhoto by Mustafa Öztürk

The Hawaii Volcanoes

Hawaii-VolcanoesPhoto credit to

My Wonderful World

my-amazing-worldPhoto by Goff Kitsawad


sunflowersPhoto by Todd Tobey


sunsetPhoto credit to


zebrasPhoto credit to