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Top 10 Beautiful Flowers That Will Transform Your Garden

Flowers are truly the best addition a garden can have! No matter what season it is, having flowers that pop out in your garden can make your home sweeter than it already is and your garden more beautiful as well.

The arrival of summer means more nights to be spent outside, so why not get some new flowers that will make you hate leaving your garden especially if you have a good flower delivery calgary ne? If you want to make things colorful outside your very home, just read along and see which ten flowers made our list.

1. Canna Lily


Isn’t this such a wonderful flower? The bright yellow color of the Canna Lily will certainly brighten up your garden! The Canna flower is grown as annuals in cooler regions, but they generally like moist conditions and well-drained soil neutral or slightly acidic. During winter, you can place them in pots and then in spring to move them back outdoors.

2. Cockscomb


Fuchsia-colored Cockscomb is surely the best choice for anyone who loves all things pink! These flowers vary in size, with some growing just a few inches in height and others can grow to a few feet. The Cockscomb flowers make a perfect addition to flower beds and rock gardens. A reason plus to love them for the summer is because they are somewhat drought-tolerant, and they like heat!

3. Aster



You can either purchase the Aster as a potted plant or start it from seeds in spring. Just take a look at how gorgeous this purple-colored aster looks! Luckily, there are more than 600 varieties of this flower, so you have plenty of choices. As a hardy perennial, the Aster will grow every year during late spring or early fall, and depending on the size and the variety, you can grow it also in flower beds as accompanying flowers.

4. Gladiolus



The gladiolus is truly one of the most beautiful and delicate-looking flowers you can get for your garden! As a real summer flower, the Gladiolus want to be planted somewhere they can indulge in plenty of sunshine, yet to be a place with well-drained and even sandy soil. With the right care, these flowers are going to be the perfect summer addition to your garden!

5. Torch Ginger



The Torch Ginger is a very beautiful, exotic-looking flower! The flower has colorful, large blooms that will definitely steal all the attention from the rest of the plants. However, the Torch Ginger comes with few warnings – it wants warm nights where the temperature is no less than 50 F. (10 C.), and it needs potassium for proper growth. Once you take good care, they will reward you with such breath-taking blooms!

6. Hibiscus



Wow, these ombre hibiscus flowers really know how to charm! These two will also add tropical vibes to your garden, and in return, your garden will be such a spotlight. Taking care of the hibiscus is very easy, especially when you grow it in a container because you can move it wherever you want. They grow best in temperatures 60-90 F. (16-32 C), and make sure to water them regularly in their blooming stage.

7. Tuberous Begonia



Even though the Tuberous Begonia will be a great summer addition to your garden, these flowers can be grown outside year-round. Unlike many flowers on the list, these don’t like full-sun planting spots, but instead, somewhere they can enjoy a shade and well-drained soil. They want to grow in soggy conditions, so make sure to water the Tuberous Begonia regularly.

8. Green Chrysanthemum



The chrysanthemums, also known as just “mums,” offer you many choices – they come in different sizes and colors, and each of these varieties is so beautiful! They require well-drained soil and, like any type of it, but for the best results, grow them in organic soils. They also need good air circulation, so you need to plant each of the chrysanthemums far enough.

9. Delphinium



The delphiniums are tall-stem flowers that come in different colors of bloom: purple, pink, red, yellow, and white, but their most common color is blue – it makes them truly as they came from heaven! These gorgeous flowers want their location to be sunny and soggy but well-drained soil. It’s very important to remove flower stalks when blooms are spent and deadheading the first blooms in early summer.

10. Zinnia



You can get this wonderful flower from planting seeds or in starter packs. Taking care of the zinnia is very easy, with just a few simple things to keep in much. Water the zinnia in the morning so that the soil can be dry by the night falls. However, make sure to water them at the base of the flower.  The flower comes in more colors, so if you want to add some color to your garden, then the zinnia is definitely it.

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