Everybody loves a good action movie. The thrill, the suspense until the very end, and all those cool fighting scenes, that never or rarely happen in real life. It takes certain skills and dedication to be a good fighter, it takes even more to be a good actor, but when those two combine you can enjoy in a great action movie. There are many action movies, and even more actors in that genre, but when talking about the best, although it’s a hard thing to choose, we might say that this 10 actors deserve to be considered as 10 of the best action actors in the world.

10. Steven Seagal

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Steven Seagal is an actor from Michigan who spent his career acting in action movies. At age 17 he went to Japan to teach English, to perfect his martial arts and to study Zen as well. His first movie was “Above the Law” in 1988 and it was his start to a great career of action movies, like “Hard to kill” and “Under siege”, which was probably his most famous role, where he played a former S.E.A.L in a mission to stop a gang of terrorists. Seagal’s fighting style is different from others, he carries himself differently and wears all-black outfit in most of his movies.

9. Chuck Norris

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“Chuck Norris will never have a heart attack. His heart isn’t nearly foolish enough to attack him.” Yes, yes, we are all familiar with these jokes about him, but jokes aside he is one of the best action actors in history, “the one who never lost a fight”. His career began in the 80s’ after the advice of Steve McQueen to become an actor. McQueen was a karate student in one of the many Norris’s karate studios. After his success he even starred in his own television series in the 90s’ “Walker, Texas ranger”. Possessing a more contemplative side, Norris has written several books. He published his autobiography, “The Secret of Inner Strength” , in 1988, which became a bestseller.

8. Mel Gibson

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After a few on-stage roles and a couple of TV shows, Mel Gibson got his role in “Mad Max”, a low budget movie that  helped him in becoming widely known. In 1984, Gibson made his American debut in “The Bounty” in which co-starred Anthony Hopkins. Then in 1987, Mel starred in what would later become his signature series, “Lethal Weapon” in which he played “Martin Riggs”. It’s really hard to decide which of his roles made him as famous as he is now, but maybe his most successful movie was “Braveheart” that won two Oscars. Today, Mel remains an international superstar mogul, continuously topping the Hollywood power lists as well as the Most Beautiful and Sexiest lists.

 7. Jean Claude Van Damme

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Van Damme or Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenberg is a Belgian actor, film-director and is best known for his martial arts action films. As many others, before and after him, he came in the USA to make his way into the film industry. Beginning with non-speaking parts in movies, he later became one of the most famous actors in the world. His first ‘big’ movie was “Bloodsport” which was so bad, that the producers didn’t want to even release the film. After Van Damme helped with re-cutting the film, it was released and was successful enough to open the gates of future success for him. His big breakthrough was with the movie “Timecop” in 1994.

6. Arnold Schwarzenegger

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There is so much to say about this Austrian bodybuilder, with a rather funny accent that everybody loves. From “zero to hero” or from a boy born in a small European village, to the Governor in California, Arnold Schwarzenegger succeeded in many fields, but as an actor his movie “The Terminator” is probably his biggest success. The movie began one of the most profitable film franchises in history. Arnold’s famous”I’ll be back” quote quickly became part of popular culture across the globe. Besides his roles in action movies, Arnold showed the humorous side of him with the comedy “Twins”, alongside Dani DeVito.

5. Bruce Lee

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Born in San Francisco, California, Lee Jun Fan or better known as Bruce Lee started his acting career very early. His first appearance in a movie was when he was only a baby, and in his childhood he appeared in roughly 20 movies. He was a Jeet Kune Do instructor until he  gained a measure of celebrity with his role in the television series “The green hornet”. He went on to make guest appearances in  TV shows such аs “Ironside and Longstreet”, while a notable film role came in 1969’s “Marlowe”. In 1973, just one month before the premiere of “Enter the dragon”, Bruce Lee died in Hong Kong, China, at the age of 32. Controversy surrounded Lee’s death from the beginning, as some claimed he had been murdered.

4. Jason Statham

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English born, London raised, Statham is an actor who has done quite a lot in a short period of time. By the start of the new millennium, Statham had done enough work to pave his way into superstardom. Along with the success of “Snatch”, he made his American film debut as a British drug dealer in “Turn It Up”, and joined the cast of “The Italian Job”. However his big success came with the lead role in “The Transporter” in 2002 with it’s two sequels “The Expendables” and “Killer Elite”.

3. Bruce Willis

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After graduating from high school, Bruce Willis started classes as a drama student at Montclair State University in New Jersey. He was eager to strike out on his own, so he quit school after his sophomore year and moved to New York City to try and make it as a working actor. After many failed auditions and small roles, he finally got his chance to prove himself in the monster hit “Die Hard” playing the role of NYC detective “John McClane”. “Die Hard” balanced laconic humor and wholesale destruction, as Willis’ character single handedly battles a gang of ruthless international thieves in a Los Angeles skyscraper. He starred in many other movies including Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction”.

2. Robert De Niro

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One of the greatest American actors of all time, Robert De Niro also has his place on this list of best action actors in the world. With movies like “Taxi Driver”, “The godfather, Part II” and “Raging Bull”, he got his fame and many nominations and awards. De Niro now heads his own production company, Tribeca Film Center, and made his directorial debut in 1993 with A “Bronx Tale” from 1993.

1. Sylvester Stallone

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Although there are many other great actors that need to be mentioned, we decided to end this list with Sylvester Stallone, world-wide known as the boxer Rocky. After a birth complications, resulting in paralysis of the lower left side of his face, he’s had a perennial snarl and slurred speech, but we all love him for that deep voice and mumbling don’t we? There are many films in which Stallone was the movie star, however, we’re are mentioning “Rocky” because it became the stuff of cinematic legends. It scored ten Academy Award nominations, winning the Best Picture Award of 1976 and triggering one of the most financially successful movie franchises in history.