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Top 10 Best Australian Recipes

In this article you will read some of the most authentic recipes for the Australian kitchen. From meat pie to pecan butter pancakes, this are the recipes that deserve to be on the top of our top 10 list that we made just for you.

The barbecue meat is considered traditional in Australia, and the meat is a significant part of their historical significance. So if you want to get that Australian cuisine spirit in your home and into your cooking, here are 10 great choices that we provided for you, and we can assure you that they are some unique recipes that will take your breath away and make everybody that tries them ask for more.

Don’t hesitate to roll up your sleeves and get busy with this tasty authentic Australian recipes, because after trying them you will be surely addicted to their cuisine. Give them a try!

Australian Meat Pie



The first on our list is of course the meat pie, the iconic meal to the Australian cuisine, that you just have to try! And this recipe you see below the picture is one of the best that you can find out there.

Apple Trifle with Calvados and Caramel Apples



This cute recipe is make with soft brown sugar sponge, apples and cinnamon-spiced caramel, rich vanilla custard, lightly whipped cream and crispy caramelised almonds. To find the whole process of making this dessert click on the link.

Angel’s Stuffed Mushrooms



For the ones that love mushrooms, and also love fast and tasty recipes with them, this is the perfect one. This meal will be done in less than one our, and what you will get is an Australian mushroom heaven on to your table.

Little Chicken and Leek Pies



This is another easy and delicious recipe and perfect for the ones their pies in little pieces, great for decorating the table and for family gatherings.

Roasted Cauliflower, Chickpea and Quinoa Salad



Here is one delicious roasted cauliflower salad for you. This meal both looks and tastes delicious, so if you want to try out something like this, check this recipe out!

Bellini Sorbet



Sorbet is something that everyone can do in no time, and can always make your desire for sweet go away. Try this typical Australian recipe made of peaches and Prosecco, and feel their traditional taste

Maple Cupcakes with Pecan Butter Cream and Butter Milk Pancakes



This buttermilk pancake recipe is a smaller version of those big thick ones. They look so cute as a dessert for any occasion, children birthdays, holiday parties or family gatherings.

Aussie King Prawns with Lemon Myrtle Mayonnaise



Who loves sea food? Here is one amazing recipe, typical for the Australians, with king prawns. This recipe includes myrtle mayonnaise, which makes the taste unforgettable.

BBQ Prawns with Mango, Lime, Tamari and Mint Dressing



Prawns and mango are both typical Australian ingredients that go together perfectly and make amazing match, so because of that this recipe tastes special and unique.

Kiwi Passionfruit Pavlova



Here is another dessert, and this one is with the amazing kiwi passion fruit. This is a light cake that is yummy and will be irresistible for all the kiwi lovers.

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  1. The only Australian ones are the meat pie, BBQ prawns (kinda), and the Pavlova (debatable). The rest are not typical Australian recipes at all.

  2. There is no such thing as an Australian cuisine! Everything you eat down under was introduced from the rest of the world! Same for America! Who do think you want to teach! Your thing’s are so mixed up it’s no wonder that both Aussi and US people are the most obese in the world ! 1) so many mixed up ingredients! Such large portions that if you eat it all (if you are not obese), you will feel Sick! Comment above; BBQ prawns? Only thing I agree with in the comment above! Pavlova? imported! Meat pie? please no! I lived in Australia for 5 years, returned to visit my family 15 times,so know something! DO NOT TEACH BUT LEARN!

  3. How dare you insult all of Australia with your bias opinions Linda! 5 years and you think your an expert? We have fantastic, fresh tasty healthy food and many dishes that are truly Australian. Yes we also have the privilege of being a multi cultural country and benefit from the wonderful dishes and flavours that their cultures bring with them. Unfortunately there has been way too much over processed, un-nutritional food that’s originated in America that has taken over most of the world. Their the ones ruining the food industry with chemical additives and making everybody sick because the end product looks and tastes nothing like the food it’s suppose to represent! This article is far from what we AUSSIES call our traditional food. Linda, you can’t even get our slang right so stop pretending that you know anything about us or are qualified to comment on behalf of us! Your NOT!!

  4. ive lived here for my 62 years of life and ive never heard of angles in mushroom ever and as for maple syrup and buttermilk pan cakes i dont think so these arnt aussie meals at all .never heard fo some of them what a load of S##t.


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