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Top 10 Best Ways to Display Family Photos

Photos are perfect memories that stay forever to remind us of wonderful past times when we were completely happy. They help us to remember special occasions in life. Redecorating our homes with photographs has been a trend actually years back.

We all have a personal history in the form of family photographs that we want to show off…kids, parents, or grandparents. When you have a creative picture display then anybody who enters your house is accepted by the grinning faces of the members of the residence decked up wonderfully on the walls.

In this article, you’ll find the 10 best ways to incorporate family photos into home decor. Scroll down and see all the creative ways to show off your cherished mug shots.

Meaningful Frame Wreath


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There is something rather special about having actual photographs lying around the house and not simply in your photo gallery, gathering zero presence, affection, and love. The wreath is a reminder of the beautiful things that you have going on in your life no matter the period. A constant reminder within your home, and thanks to this simple and effective way of keeping memories. Also, a home isn’t a home without family pictures scattered all over. The wreath has the same shape as the circle of life and we believe it to be rather meaningful; something that can be enjoyed, even if we believe we haven’t paid attention to it.

DIY Canvas Prints

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What is better than an artist focusing on your family only? To have your very own 18th or 19th-century style painter coming in and spending weeks to accomplish his work. Well, if you are not royalty, chances are you might have to consider printing your favorite family pictures from your phone or camera instead. And now thanks to super high-resolution quality pictures, we are able to print these on canvas, for not much money at all, and have your favorite memory onto the wall, being the center of attention in any room. What is great about it, there is so much flexibility and you can really do anything you wish to, and in any order, size and color. No one would ever be the same and therefore you will have something that no other has.

Family Tree Picture Wall Idea

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Family trees are not a thing of the past, they are still very real and alive indeed. We remember at school having a family tree to understand the past and present of our family. And there is little better than having a gigantic one sitting proudly on any walls that required a little sprucing up. You can draw the tree yourself – think of the wall as a blank canvas. You can do that with the kids too, making it a really fun project for everyone.

Children’s Silhouette Portrait

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If you are a bit of a minimalist, then you might wish to consider these. Or perhaps a great lover of art and everything different. We love our children and family members, but maybe we wish to have them present in our homes differently. And why not! In the end, your home has very few rules when it comes down to these things. And they are very fun to look at. It is for creative minds that wish to have and love their little ones in a way only themselves can understand. They could be good at guessing games when they grow a little older too.

Lantern Make-Over


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Lanterns offer warmth within a home and light that no artificial light can ever produce. Something magical in having lanterns we believe. Whether it is a family heirloom or something that matches the interior of your home is insignificant, but using them differently by including family pictures within them is totally brilliant. Add a small battery-operated tea light candle inside it, and have your favorite pictures on show all the time, in a manner that isn’t in your face but one that occasionally catches your eye and brings a smile to your face.

Photo With Song Lyrics

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One for the romantic at hearts, and perhaps special words that were said on the big day, being your “we’re getting married day”. You have exchange vows, and wish to have them engraved in something super meaningful. And sometimes, this is enough for the happy continuity of the relationship. Is to always have a reminder of how special your day was, and how special you felt. Nothing more beautiful in our eyes than this. Set yourself little reminders throughout your home or things both of you have done, created. And, have fun while doing it. Something you can do together; as they are always the best.

Great Small Wall Idea

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We love the Louvre, but your home should not be it, in our minds. It should be scattered with personality and pictures. A stylish messy kinda art. Find a wall that doesn’t do much for you, take down a totally irrelevant existing painting, and replace it with memories everyone can enjoy, and at all times. And, they never get boring. Choose your frames to match the entire of your home, and of your home, and frankly whatever suits your personalities best. Include as many as you wish to, no right or wrong.

Black And White Pictures On Shelves

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Nothing says nostalgia more than black and white photographs. Or sepia too does the job well depending on the theme you wish to create. Here, it is all about getting rid of colors, focusing the eye more towards the natural beauty of the photograph and the people you wish to portray. You can recreate a very special moment without colors, making you have to put forward a vivid imagination, re-enacting the moment over and over again more than colored pictures. We do not look at black and white photos the same as they are making us have to focus on them a little more, making it more memorable in the end.

DIY Canvas Tutorial


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A self-explanatory DIY tutorial that is great fun! It also demonstrates that whatever the idea behind the photograph is, on the canvas, that you can marry it with a similar theme with actual physical objects. Like the most wonderful days at the beach with the family while on holiday, and you wish to extract the joy in a 3-dimensional look back at home. Put the canvas onto a book holder for example, and scatter around and in front of it seashells, rocks, and anything from your putting that very day. It will work with all your senses to include the touch and not simply the visual. It could be, you had a baby recently and wish to remember that very first fabric he or she had, so include that in front of it or on the side.

DIY Shallow Shelves

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It is remarkable to think that two pieces of wood stuck to the wall can change the entire face of the room it will be in. This is for the DIY king and queen to try at home and something great for everyone to get stuck in, or as a surprise! It is a great way to fulfill an empty wall and instead of buying something that isn’t overly relevant to you, create your own family memories onto it. Paint the wooden shelves to the color that fits your room and personality best, and scatter random family photographs all over them, or whatever photograph most meaningful to you.

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