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Top 10 DIY Deafening Party Noisemakers

When we attend parties, our purpose is to have fun and be as loud as possible because only then people won’t mind the high volume of our voice. Since the New Year’s Eve party is probably the biggest and most anticipated party of the year, we partygoers would want to be especially noisy. Of course, our voices just aren’t enough, so we would need some reinforcements in the form of horns, whistles, and other noise-makers.

Prior to the Covid-19 situation, we used to throw massive birthday and New Year’s Eve parties, giving our guests the pleasure to be as loud as they want. Nonetheless, the global health crisis is just another reason to celebrate hope in the upcoming new year, and what better way to welcome it than with your immediate family making noisemakers?

We’ve put together a list of various noisemakers you can create for your little parties, so don’t worry if you’re celebrating your birthday or New Year’s Eve with a smaller number of guests than usual. The silence is sure to be filled.

Read on and get ready to be inspired!

New Years Noisemakers


When it comes to New Year’s Eve,  it is believed that it is mostly enjoyed by the little ones, as it is one of the rare nights they get to make noise without being scolded by their parents. While no noisemaker will ever stand a chance against a supercharged scream by a kid on a sugar rush, this particular one is a good addition to the family holiday cheer.

How to Make New Year’s Eve Noisemakers


Another noisemaker you can create for your child and the child within yourself (because, why not?) is this particular one that’s perfect for the New Year’s Eve celebration. It’s so easy to make, and yet it looks so fancy that you’ll need a ton of strong arguments to convince your guests that you didn’t spend a fortune on them.

Family New Year’s Eve: Noisemakers


The holiday season is by far everyone’s favorite time of the year, partly because of the snow, partly because of the holidays. Most of us enjoy it because it gives us a chance to spend some quality time with our families, and what better way to spend it than with crafting? Get your family members together and spend the final days of the year making this wonderful ribbon noisemaker to welcome the new one.

Solo Noisemaker


Do you remember using plastic cups for literally any game when you were a kid? You’ve probably used them as a means to hear conversations through walls or to store little stones you found on the streets. You’ve probably even used them as noisemakers at one point. Well, who said you can’t do it again? Get to work on this cup noisemaker and relive your favorite childhood memories along with your friends.

DIY New Years Eve Party Horns


Say goodbye to buying overly-priced party horns, because this DIY project has all you need. It tells you where to get the party horns, teaches you how to cut and put on the fancy paper and the embellishments, as well as that you can have as much fun making them as you do while using them.

New Year’s Noisemaker


New Year’s Eve noisemakers filled with candy? Bring them on! These sweet additions to the festive cheer will certainly bring a smile to everyone’s face and become a part of their most cherished memories. Follow the instructions and enjoy the party!

Tip: For full satisfaction of the noisemaker, make sure kids are unaware of the contents inside of it!

DIY Fringed Party Noisemakers


Another fancy-looking, yet super easy-to-make noisemakers are these fringed party horns. They’re perfect for birthday parties and New Year’s Eve celebrations as the fringe gives them that festive touch everyone is going for.

Dressed Up Noisemakers


New Year’s Eve has never looked fancier! If you’re celebrating New Year’s Eve at home and you’re the host, get dressed, take your DIY kit and be ready to impress. This DIY not only makes sure you have the fanciest noisemakers ever but it even suggests making a disco ball to complete a night full of glitter. It will certainly make sure you have a shining start to the new year.

DIY Party Blowers


These are the type of noisemakers your kid will definitely enjoy… maybe a little too much, so you might want to be absolutely certain in your decision to make these. If noise and headaches aren’t a problem in your household, especially during birthdays and preparations for New Year’s Eve, then these are the perfect noisemakers for you.

DIY Noisemakers


And finally, here come the ice-cream-shaped paper plates. They’re an inevitable addition to any kid’s birthday party with a lot of guests or for when you simply don’t feel like dishwashing, and now, you get to use them as noisemakers as well. Just fill them with some popcorn or other uncooked ingredients to create the noise and get the party started!




That’s it for today’s article on Top 10 DIY Deafening Party Noisemakers. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to let us know in the comments below. Have a happy and safe New Year, everybody!

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