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Top 10 Birthday Party Ideas at Home

Stuck at home with a kids’ birthday party approaching? Do not worry. You can handle it. There are many ways to celebrate your birthday at home, no matter if you are stuck there or it is your decision.

Nowadays, technology has allowed us to host virtual birthday parties. But since kids want more activity than technology, we also have some amazing birthday party ideas at home that will kick off the entertainment.

Let’s talk about how to celebrate your kid’s birthday at home.

The Most Important Thing To Remember

Speaking about the birthday party itself, the most important thing to remember is that the party is for your child. And as such, it has a special meaning to them. Try to make the birthday special in some way, do not plan something you have done over and over again.

Your kids want to feel special and remember the birthday party for at least a few months after. The party should focus on activities that kids do together. That applies to the games they can play and to the crafts they will make.

Keep The Kids Busy

When you plan a birthday party at home, it is important that you keep the kids busy and engaged. Any lapses in activities will make the kids start chasing each other, screaming, or run upstairs. And that is when disasters can strike.

Depending on the age of the kids at the party, you can try different things. For example, for kids between 3 and 5 years of age, you can engage them in playdoughs during breaks from the party. Or encourage them to circulate around play centers.

For kids between 6 and 8 years of age, offer some quiet activities that will calm them down and prepare them for the next activity.

What About Craft Activities?

We have to mention a few things. Craft activities engage girls more than boys. So, think about the demographic of your party. If you expect more boys than girls, tone down on craft activities and amp up sporty activities.

For kids between 3 and 5 years of age, stickers go a long way. And for older kids between 6 and 8 years, paper tablecloths will do the trick.

Final Thoughts and Tips

  • Go for a theme that will help plan decorations, games, and cake
  • Make the birthday party feel different than usual days at home
  • Make use of technology, but do not overdo it
  • Involve your kids in preparations
  • Do not forget to enjoy the day

Let’s get onto some of the ideas for a birthday party at home for kids.

Musical Hoops


This game works for kids of all ages. All you need is one hoop per child. And you can get them from the dollar store. Place the hoops on the floor, and start playing cool music.

Set up rounds, play a song, and then stop. During the music plays, let kids march around. When the music stops, they have to jump in a hoop. Each round remove one hoop, but not a child.

You will see that at the end, kids will start grouping in hoops, having fun, and enjoying the game.

Pool Party

Children love water and it’s an interesting idea to organize their birthday party around the pool․ The pool is not enough to give them a chance to have fun. To fill that gap you can get popsicle pool floats, water guns, and other fun pool toys. Another great idea is to have a water balloon fight. It’s a lot of fun and the kids will love it. Cheerful music and delicious food will make the day more special․Children must be closely supervised during the party. Before anyone jumps in the pool, check the swimming ability of every child present on the day.

Treasure Hunt


You can never go wrong with a treasure hunt. And you do not even need to overthink this one. There are many treasure hunt printables and escape room printables you can order online.

Once you get the DIY kit, all you have to do is set up the clues and room for the play. If you play treasure hunt, give your kids some reward at the end.

If your guests are between 3 and 5 years of age, show them picture instructions. But if they are a bit older, you can try and let them solve clues independently.

Princess Party

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Who doesn’t love princesses? They are some of the most popular characters for a birthday party. You can either book a princess to come to your home, or even book one for a virtual birthday.

Video call entertainers have gained popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic. And many of them have continued working as virtual entertainers and princesses.

Get Help From Technology


We mentioned before that you can utilize some technology for your kid’s birthday party at home. We recommend using it only as a last resort, since kids do not enjoy these virtual meetings that much.

But you can put FaceTime to work and ask friends and family to call throughout the day and send birthday greetings.

And if you have kids that love playing video games, then we highly recommend connecting through games like Minecraft or Fortnite.

Family Dress-Up


Does your kid love to get dressed up? You can arrange a family fancy dress for the birthday party. You can celebrate at home with close family members but get theme dresses. For example, your whole family can dress up as Power Rangers. Or you can take inspiration from a cartoon.

This might pose a challenge, but your kids will love it.

Bowling Alley At Home


This might sound challenging, but it is possible. You can watch a YouTube tutorial on how to set up a bowling alley at home. Do not let isolation stop you from scoring a strike.

You can easily buy bowling set online and set it up at home.

The Game Thief


This game has stood the test of time. Many of us played it as kids. And now our kids play it. You will need just a few minutes to set up the room for the game. And you do not need many “accessories”.

The game will help you get a rowdy group of screaming kids to calm down. After all, you need complete silence from the players.

Let’s talk about the rules. One player gets blindfolded, and all the other players take turns trying to steal their treasure. And they cannot get tagged or called “Thief, thief!” by the blindfolded player.

The player with the most candies at the end wins the game.

Face Painting


Face painting is a popular activity during princess parties. And you can learn to do it on your own. You can order some easy-to-follow designs and kits and get the whole family painted.

DIY Photo Booth


We live in the era of digital photos and social media. Kids understand it, and they want their perfect picture as well.

For the party at home, you can set up a DIY Photo Booth and let them take photos. You need some wrapping paper or fabric for the backdrop. And then you need some photo booth software, dress-up clothes, and a bench for people to sit.

This DIY photo booth will keep kids engaged, entertained, and busy for hours. And they can make instant memories from their point of view.

You can also set up a rental photo booth if you have the budget. As there is a rental opportunity so this is affordable. You can rent from a trusted source like FriendWithA.

Drive-by Parade


Let’s finish off with a classic Covid-19 birthday party idea for home. If you get stuck at home, and cannot leave or invite friends, you can still organize something.

Have friends drive by and wave and cheer for your kid. Your little one will love the attention.

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