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Top 6 Things That Will Help Your Baby to Sleep Better

It isn’t easy being a parent. One of the hardest parts is trying to get your baby to go to sleep. The reason for this is that not only does your baby need their sleep, but so do you. If you can’t get your baby to sleep then your entire schedule could be thrown into disarray. If you work, then this could be devastating.

Fortunately, there are some very effective solutions for getting your baby to go to sleep. This article is going to tell you about six of them:


Comfortable Bedding

Comfortable bedding is a very effective way of getting your baby to go to sleep. A very important part of finding comfortable bedding is making sure that you find the perfect size for your crib sheet, meaning that your child’s sheet (and other bedding) should fit their crib. Parents that buy bedding that’s too small, or too large, could be impacting the quality of their child’s sleep by preventing them from feeling comfortable. Make sure that you buy hypoallergenic, natural bedding, just in case your child suffers from allergies. Surprisingly, allergies are a very common reason for children being unable to sleep.

If you can’t afford quality, comfortable bedding, then it’s definitely worth buying your child’s bedding as part of an instalment plan. Many stores now offer these to their customers, allowing people on budgets to buy above their spending limit without impacting their quality of life.

Bedtime Massages

Many parents find that a very effective way of encouraging their children to go to sleep is to give them nightly massages. Temple massages are very effective, but really you can massage your baby anywhere that they like. Not only do massages help to improve your child’s sleep and make them more tired, but they are also a very effective way of improving your bond with your child. If you want to become closer to your child and want them to bond more with you, then massages are definitely something to consider. It will help them to feel closer to you and will make them trust you more.

Crib Swingers

It’s possible to buy swinging objects that connect to your child’s cot or bed, and gently move back and forth as they are going to sleep. It’s no secret, light, repetitive movements improve a child’s sleep and help them to drift off. If you want your child to get a better quality of sleep, then you should definitely consider investing in these items. Many cribs or cots will already come with their own swingers, but if they don’t then you should have no difficulty finding some. When you are looking for some to buy, the first place that you should look is on your child’s cot’s manufacturer’s website, because they may have some that fit perfectly onto your child’s cot.


Feeding your baby can be another very effective way of encouraging your child to go to sleep. You should not feed them until they sleep, but instead until they feel drowsy. Once they feel drowsy, you can put them underneath a crib swinger, or you can rock them. Rocking can be an extremely effective method of encouraging one’s child to go to sleep or at least making them feel tired. If they are already drowsy, then rocking will send them to sleep.

Dim Lights

If you have the ability to dim your child’s bedroom lights, then that is also something to consider. A dimmer switch is definitely something that you should consider investing in. When the lights are dim, your child’s more likely to go to sleep. If you can’t buy a dimmer light, then you can just buy a plug-in lamp. You can usually buy bedtime lamps, or bulbs that plug directly into the wall. They usually come with dimmer settings. If not, you can always put a dark lamp shade over them to turn down the lights a bit.


Playing Music

Music is another effective way of getting your child to go to sleep. As any parent will know, children have eclectic tastes in music. Many parents find that classical music is the best genre for getting their children to go to sleep, but this does differ depending on the child. Play different genres to your child and see which they react best to. Once you find a genre that helps them to go to sleep, then play it softly when they are in their cot, and you will find that they go to sleep in no time.

Getting your child to go to sleep can be a nightmare, especially if you haven’t got any of the equipment listed in this article. Bear each point here in mind, implement them, and you should have no further difficulty with getting your baby to go to sleep.

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