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How Common Are Bicycle Accidents (And How Can You Cycle More Safely?)


Cycling is great for keeping fit and helping the environment.

But bicycle accidents are more common than you may think.

Therefore, if you are a cyclist or are planning on taking up cycling, it is imperative that you know how to stay safe when cycling on roads.

Bicycle Accident Statistics

According to the World Health Organization, around 41,000 cyclists are killed around the world each year. That represents about 3% of global road traffic deaths.

In the United States, according to the latest statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 938 cyclists were killed in road crashes in 2020.

And according to the National Safety Council, bicycle accidents will increase by 16% in 2020. Sadly, the number of preventable deaths from road accidents involving cyclists has risen by 44% in just the last 10 years.

In addition to the substantial number of deaths that occur each year, hundreds of thousands of cycling accidents result in injuries every year. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there were 425,910 emergency department-treated injuries in the U.S. that were associated with bicycles in 2020.

While, sadly, many deaths and injuries caused by accidents involving bicycles occur each year, cycling is still a much safer way of getting about than driving motor vehicles.

And as long as you learn cycling safety rules and actively follow the rules, you can significantly reduce your chances of being involved in an accident.

Common Types of Bicycle Accidents

All sorts of accidents can happen to cyclists, but do not let that put you off cycling. There are many good reasons to ride a bike.

Common cycling accidents include ones that occur from crossing a vehicle’s path, ones that happen when a vehicle turns left and fails to yield to a cyclist in an oncoming lane, and right hook accidents in which vehicles that are traveling in the same direction as a cyclist turn right at an intersection and collide with the cyclist.

Take a look at this helpful post to learn more about those three common bicycle accidents and how to avoid them.

How to Cycle More Safely

You should educate yourself about cycling on roads to ensure you always follow the rules and reduce the risk of getting into an accident.

You should also be aware of simple things you can do to cycle more safely. Here are just a few helpful tips.

Always Wear a Helmet

All cyclists need to wear helmets to protect their heads. It is also important that you ensure your helmet fits well.

With a properly fitted helmet, you can be assured it will protect your head to its maximum capability.

Ride Predictably

When riding on roads, you should always ride predictably. When motorists know what your intentions are, they can react better in situations that could result in crashes.

Riding predictably means riding where drivers can clearly see you.

Avoid riding on sidewalks alongside roads, as cars do not expect to see moving traffic on sidewalks.

Also, always ride in the same direction as the traffic and always signal and look over your shoulder before you make a turn or change your lane position.

Wear Reflective Clothing

If you ride in the dark or in dimly-lit conditions, it is even more vital that motorists can see you. So, make sure you wear bright and/or reflective clothing.

It could also be a good idea to use reflective strips on your bike.

Of course, you also need to ensure your lights are working.


It is great that in this day and age, you can listen to music and podcasts and make calls wherever you are. But you should avoid doing such things when cycling.

If you wear headphones, you will not be able to hear traffic.

Hearing is just as important if you want to stay safe while cycling. So, unplug.

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