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Top 10 DIY Home Decorations With Stones

Home is our special place in the world. It’s where we always return, where we keep all our possessions and where we want to feel most relaxed. One way that you’d feel relaxed is by surrounding yourself with things that you like or are pleasing to you, which is why we decorate our homes. Yet that goes both ways. Our home decor also gives guests some insight into what kind of people we are and what our tastes might be.

With that said, stones are considered a cold, hard material, but in terms of home decorating, using stone gives out a more earthy connection, and can put more warmth in your home, especially if you opt for using pebbles.  looking at homes decorated mostly with stone, however, might seem cold, but with a few stone decor pieces here and there, you’ll instantly see the warmer atmosphere they create.

Since stones and pebbles (real or fake) are considered natural materials, you’ll probably have a hard time finding some decorative stone items for your home. But the pebbles themselves are readily available for an affordable price. So, get yourself some nice, flat stones and pebbles and start making some stunning stone decor, be it for your house or your garden.

DIY Pebble Garden Balls


Most of the time pebbles are used for outdoor decor and landscaping, so let’s start our list from there. We want our yards to look nice, but we’d rarely want to spend a lot of our budget on something that will be exposed to the elements or otherwise easily damaged. Starting pretty simple, make a pebble ball. Take any kind of ball, adhesive, and some decorative stones and you can make some pretty neat-looking spheres for your yard. And if you’re thinking about a birdhouse, you can cover it with pebbles ass well.

Unique Stone Heart


Saying someone has a heart of stone, would mean they’re insensitive, rude, and unfriendly. Thankfully, the same meaning doesn’t apply when you have a heart of stone decor piece. And you have to admit, this chickenwire heart filled with different colored pebbles would look pretty nice on a wall, both indoor and ourdoor.

Stone Sconces


You can never have too much lighting in a home and there are plenty of light fixtures to choose from. Scones are quite popular and now you can make candle scones that from two pieces of wood, pebbles, and a candle. They’re perfect for making good use of narrower walls and will look nice in every home.

Rocky Fire Pit In A Bowl


Speaking of candles and light, how about a fire pit? While not every home can have a true, fireplace or fire pit, you can still lose yourself n the dance of the lames of the flame pit, by creating this mini fire pit from bowls and pebbles. It will give out heat and look very nice on the dinner table.

Stone Mat


This is a nice project that can be used as a doormat or kitchen mat. You will definitely love that you have it during the rainy seasons, to have a nice place to dry out those wet boots. As for use in the kitchen, you know that a secure, non-slippery met is always welcomed in the bathroom.

Pebble Picture Frame And Candle Votive


The frame can be just as important as the picture you’re putting it in. This picture frame will go well with holiday images or other family images, adding that closeness and warm to the moment captured in time.

Rock Magnets


Many people avoid having decorative magnets for their fridges since more of them than not, they can fall and break, and you’re left only with some silly magnets. It this sounds familiar, stay and see how to create some very colorful and precious stone magnets that won’t break no matter what.

Garden Stone Family


Going back outside for a second, we think you would certainly appreciate having a bunch of pebbles, gathered around, greeting you with soft eyes every day you come back home. This Pebble squad is an absolutely adorable project, everyone would love. And it also gives you an idea on what you can do with a lot of stones, some glue and some paint.

Pebble Knobs


Whether it’s doorknobs or cabinet knobs, the nicer ones will stump you with their price tag. And why should you spend so much money on something you probably have lying around in your yard? A screw, some super glue, and some prettier stones, and you can have some custom-looking, expensive knobs in no time. And these also make great wall hangers.

Pebble Art


For our last decor piece, we suggest you try some stone art. This is a great way to explore your creativity with the entire family. Everyone can join and enjoy creating little pebble animals, people, or landscapes and it is a painting that will never fade or get old looking at it.

That’s all the stone/pebble decor pieces we gathered for you. As small as they seem, they do make a great difference in your home and the overall feeling inside it. Do you have some stone decor pieces you’d love to try? Share us your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below.



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  1. There's really so many things we can do out of stones. Stepping stones, retaining walls and decorative pieces just like the ones featured here. I really love the stone lamp and the stone pillar candles. It's my first time to see those decorative and useful peices and they really are beautiful and unique.


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