Face it, your closet is full of clothes that you may wear occasionally and the ones that you don’t wear at all. There is a way to give your favorite worn out T-shirts a second chance. You don’t need to be a Haute Couture designer to redesign your shirts and make them look like you’ve just bought them out of the department store. With a little bit of will, creative spirit and these tutorials your shirts will be refashioned in a blink of an eye. You can be questionless that everyone will be dying to know where you’ve purchased  all those fancy shirts!

Ruffle T-Shirt


DIY Tutorial and photo credit to tearosehome.blogspot.com

Hip Cinched T-Shirt


DIY Tutorial via recycledlovelies.com

Fringe Top


DIY Tutorial via cancandancer.blogspot.com

Criss Cross T-Shirt


DIY Tutorial via coatscrafts.co.uk

Angel Wings T-Shirt


DIY Tutorial via cutoutandkeep.net

Draped Heart with Bow T-Shirt


DIY Tutorial via refashionco-op.blogspot.com

Infinity Scarf Made Out of T-Shirt


DIY Tutorial via etsy.com

Rocker T-shirt

DIY Tutorial via diyrefashion.com

Collar Necklace Shirt

DIY Tutorial via socialbliss.com