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Top 10 Emotional photos of animals

For some of us, we get emotions when looking at or picturing animals that are surrounding us. The emotional aspect is like no other. Animals are like children whether you have your own or not. It is not as relevant.

However, that small children are vulnerable and need to guide them through life as they are rather new to this whole life thing. And the way we see the animals is similar to the way we see our children.

Maybe this is the reason why or one of the main reasons. Regardless, check these super adorable and emotional photographs of the below animals. Which impacted you most?

Parent and Child Panda Hugging


Photo by San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance

“Everything is going to be ok” screams out from the photograph of the adorable and loving moment between parent to child. We mustn’t forget that wild animals share a lot of emotional intelligence and are more than able to show their affection to their young and partners. Even in friendship. The cub must feel such a sense of security in this wild and terrifying world that is getting no easier for them both, and for so many others too as we destroy their environment.

Elephant’s Hug


Photo credit to

The elephant is one of the most advanced intelligent animals on the planet, which also appears to be the biggest land animal in the world. Its size is impressive and often we are in awe in front of it (which will not be a good sign at all!) due to its unchallenged presence. Yet, they are very reserved and gentle animals that would only respond when provoked or fearing for their life or their family’s security. No wonder why this elephant is protecting and hugging her baby! In reality, though, the animal is simply scared and wishes the person to focus on another subject!

Cuddling Snow Leopards


Photo by Cloudtail the Snow Leopard

A Snow Leopard is already a rare sight, let alone two and let alone a lovey-dovey one! This photograph was calculated to such precision that is unbelievable to see. If we did not invade their habitats, we would have been able to see more of this but unfortunately one might never have the very same opportunity again. 10,000 are left in the wild and it is going down as we speak. These large wild cats are incredible and capable of handing out love, maybe not the photographs we are used to seeing from them. Why is it that we tend to see photos of them always fighting or defending themselves and negatively portrayed?

Giraffe Love and Care


Photo credit to

A favorite in zoos… Because this is the sort of thing they want to do. Grow a family, walk, eat, play, repeat. This photograph is incredible. We believe all living animals are the exact same. Just that it isn’t our place to see! But for the brave photographer, we are able to feel their emotions through the superb shot. And that cheeky smile is to die for! How beautiful this is…

Chimpanzee Love and Affection


Photo credit to

The chimpanzees are super intelligent animals and are able to solve many human problems and solutions. Their IQ is anywhere between 70 to 90 according to many tests. Meaning, they could outsmart some of our population. Once again we are not careful of their environment so photos like this might be a sight of yesterday, so let’s enjoy it for now. Perhaps this is the reason why these are incredibly sensitive and emotional pictures.

Tiger’s Playfulness Cuddles


Photo by Jim Meehan

Yes, they are indeed the biggest wild cats on the planet. But they aren’t only about chasing, killing, biting, and putting people in danger. They are more than able to show affection towards other members of their family. Anyway, if we were not messing with them or going too close to them they wouldn’t feel threatened and attack. Let’s face it, if a stranger comes close to our little ones, I’m sure we will define our ground. So, yes. These cats are playful and adorable. One cannot cuddle them but why would you want to anyway. Look at them!

Meerkat Family Bond


Photo credit to

These animals are rather friendly in all respect towards humans and rather seem to not mind being cuddled up. Towards their own, they are not so warm and welcoming, however. They are super viscous with their own! This photograph however makes us melt thinking that they are more than able to look after their family and are dependent on one another.

A Whale Of A Time


Photo credit to

How about our marine life friends and family? Once upon a time, we were too busy to use the whale’s fat for cosmetic products. Nowadays this isn’t the issue anymore thankfully. Seriously though. Anyway, these animals are the biggest marine animals in the world especially the blue whale to be precise. A super precious moment of love captured and is a rather unique photograph. The photographer had a whale of a time, literally.

Gravely Endangered Polar Bears


Photo credit to

This polar bear photograph is beyond a write-up, beyond words and almost emotions. Yet, it is so powerful. Especially knowing that these animals are staring on a daily basis since their ice is melting and having fewer seals within the waters. This is in fact a super touching picture. It shows us love, protection, play, but yet is global warming affecting the hunt for food for these species?

Emperor Penguin Family Love


Photo credit to

So many cartoons have embraced these superb, flightless sea creatures measuring up to 1.3 meters. And so have photographers from all over the world. Our obsession with them is like no other. Perhaps it is because large communities of them are still alive and well; that we are still able, for now, to get close-ups. They are not afraid of us but aren’t exactly the cuddly sort. So this family portrait is terrific. The little is asking for a food which is super cute.