Top 10 Fashion DIY Projects

When it comes to fashion, women are interested in many fashionable things. We all love fashion and every woman builds her own style in it. With your old clothes, you can make sweaters, high heels, scarves, headbands and other pieces of clothing. This post is about easy and interesting DIY projects about fashion. You can try any of them and believe you won’t regret that. There are some great tips about what you can do with your clothes that you think are no longer useful. Also they will inspire you to become more creative and realize that you can be your own fashion designer. Every project has its own specialty, so try to decide which one of these amazing projects you like the most and of course, try to make it by yourself.

Old Cardigan Turned Into a New One

Top-10-fashion-diy-projects-4Tutorial via

DIY Fold Over Clutch

Top-10-fashion-diy-projects-5Tutorial via

DIY Double Scarf

Top-10-fashion-diy-projects-2Tutorial via

DIY Convertible Shawl Shrug

Top-10-fashion-diy-projects-8Tutorial via

DIY Plain Tank Sewn Zipper Racer Back

Top-10-fashion-diy-projects-9Tutorial via

DIY Heart Sweater

Top-10-fashion-diy-projectsTutorial via

DIY Quick Embellished Collar

Top-10-fashion-diy-projects-6Tutorial via

DIY Embellished Sweater

Top-10-fashion-diy-projects-7Tutorial via

Heels Transformed into Rustic Sandals

Top-10-fashion-diy-projects-3Tutorial via

DIY Twisted Turban Headband from Old T-Shirt

Top-10-fashion-diy-projectsTutorial via

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