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Top 10 Fashionable Ponytail Tutorials

These ponytails are the perfect answer for looking chic for every occasion and they will prove to you that ponytails are not just for the gym! Get ready, ladies, because your trendy style is about to get an upgrade!

Easy Knotted Ponytail



Rushing to get out somewhere, anywhere? And of course, running late? Well, this easy ponytail is one to remember on those days you’ve simply had to rush out of the home. And, it will never look boring and perfect even with bed hair, by using simple hair oil. This is a simple twist to a normal ponytail that will look great at any time of the day and for most occasions too. You won’t have to use any hair accessories as your main one will be the hair itself.

Sleek Braided Ponytail



A cute and easy ponytail that will take 15 minutes of your time. Start by dividing a section on your left or right side, then braid that same section. Tight your hair into a ponytail and you are ready to go. Perfect for any occasion, work, night out, celebration, etc. This is also a perfect hairstyle if you have a little girl who goes to school.

Twisted Ponytail



One of the secrets behind this method is to curl your hair slightly in order for it to stop any ends sticking out and will help hold your hair in place. The twisted ponytail world on most hair lengths, as long as you can do the classic ponytail. It adds a lot more complexity adding a more knotted rope effect. This look has been inspired by the stylist guru Robert Ham of Moroccanoil thanks to the macrame jewelry.

Three-Tiered Ponytail



This is a really easy ponytail to wear, and one that is very fresh and youthful. Perfect for academic school ladies, and for those who have worked for a company already, adding a little something special in the office and mainly, for yourself. You will need at least three hair bands (depending on how long your hair is), a comb, and a few bobby pins; again it varies from hair to hair. It is as simple as gathering your hair into a classic ponytail but doing it three to four times. You will also be adding a lot of texture and make your hair a lot thicker than it actually is.

Glamorous Side Ponytail



This is a great ponytail for all ages and that will suit any occasion from something formal to something laid back. This will keep your hair away from your face, showing it off in all its glory! It is a slight twist and twirl of the original, and will without a doubt be glamorous enough to wear with something fancy. Once the look is accomplished, you can dress it up further by adding accessories such as small or large bows, or a beautiful flower piece in your hair. This will show off your neck, shoulder, and higher back perfect for wearing a shoulder dress.

Rut Braided Ponytail



This is another example of a Dutch braid which is the reverse of the French braid. This braid really does stand out a lot from the others and looks gorgeous when it is stretched out. This is where you take yourself out of the monotony of having the same hairstyle every day, especially long hair. You would be very surprised at how thick you can make your hair look with this simple twist on the ponytail.

Double Knot Ponytail



So many variations of this easy double knot ponytail can be achieved. Either by putting it on the side for a more pool and beach vibe, perfect for the summertime walking alongside fine white sand and wind in your hair and equally fit for a fancy ball. This really does put summer anywhere you go even on the greyest of skies. This style is best for medium to long hair, and fabulous for those curly-haired ladies and straight hair alike. And all you’ll need is a simple elastic. And you are done looking terrific. Embrace summertime on the go!

Bungee Ponytail For Curly Hair



This simple tool is about to change your life, forever! And nope, we are not exaggerating one bit! Perfect for dressing and holding long, thick hair, and for ponytails, half knots, and braids. “Mister Fantastic” wraps around the hair a few times to however tight you wish it to, and holds your hair into position, and can be removed without half of your hair with it. For curly-haired ladies, you will know how difficult it is to tighten the knot looking not so good anymore. This is a great tool that will forever be changing how confident you are about your hair, in total control of it.

1960s Ponytail



The 60s are back in the fashion world. Alongside your new attire whatever it may be, you need a 60s hairstyle tutorial! You might as well don’t you? Brigitte Bardot made the 60s look sexy and ladylike from her rather laid-back approach to her loose ponytail which she influenced the entire world with. The shape is created by teasing at the crown and keeping the ponytail low and a little messy. Volumiser mousse works rather efficiently creating the volume you will require to fully optimize the look.

Topsy Tail Side Ponytail (No Braid)



This style works amazingly well for long hair, you will love and adore this technique. You’ll need a little more time to perfect the look, but after a couple attempts you’ll soon be getting the hangs on things. This is the no-braid side braid hairstyle. You need to repeat the topsy tail technique down your hair, as it will give the right illusion of a braided hairstyle. Perfect to wear against one shoulder, left or right, leaving the other glow free from your hair.

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  1. On the “braided&ponytail” hairdo is it one french braid or two or is it french braided from both sides into one braid and then the braid is wrapped around the ponytail?

    • It almost looks like one braid, french braided all the way around, but only adding in hair from the front..? Idk, I had the same questions as you.

  2. I love the braided & ponytail but I feel like I need a bit more instructions. Is it one braid across the forehead or two french braids that meet??

  3. On the braided ponytail it looks to be just one french braid and in first pic u can see were it is pulling from both side just leaving it a little loose for a puffer look making it like a braided hairband then a high ponytail with a bit of puff too it(may need to tease hair a bit to get this desired look depending on hair thickness) I then wrapped the braid around the hair elastic for a braided wrap look


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