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Top 10 Fun and Unique DIY Decorations for Christmas

There is nothing better than the sights, sounds, and spirit of Christmas to surround your home for the holidays. Why don’t you capture the magic of Christmas with rich colors, glittering lighting, and more inspiring decorating ideas?! Use the traditional colors of this holiday, like pine green, snow white, and heart red. Gold, silver and blue are also very common, as are just about any other metallic color. Your Christmas decorations don’t have to break the bank, because you can easily make so many different fun and unique things on your own. Get into the spirit of the season and spruce up your holiday home with Christmas decorations from our collection. Whether you’re decorating indoors or outdoors, we have just what you’ll need to make your home and yard festive for the holidays. Check out the projects that inspired us, and get creative!

DIY Christmas Tree Cones

diy-fun-unique-christmas-decoration_01DIY Tutorial via

Twine Wrapped Monogram Ornament (Tutorial)

diy-fun-unique-christmas-decoration_02DIY Tutorial via

A Treeless Ladder Christmas Tree

diy-fun-unique-christmas-decoration_03DIY Tutorial via

Natural Christmas Mantel Decoration

diy-fun-unique-christmas-decoration_04DIY Tutorial via

Family Tree Handmade Christmas Ornaments

diy-fun-unique-christmas-decoration_05DIY Tutorial via

Christmas Candle Decor

diy-fun-unique-christmas-decoration_06DIY Tutorial via

DIY Mason Jar Lid Ornaments

diy-fun-unique-christmas-decoration_07DIY Tutorial via

Amazing Christmas Decoration with Candle

diy-fun-unique-christmas-decoration_08DIY Tutorial via

The Easiest, Fastest Christmas DIY Tree

diy-fun-unique-christmas-decoration_09DIY Tutorial via

Wintery Snow Feather Christmas Trees

diy-fun-unique-christmas-decoration_10DIY Tutorial via

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