Top 10 Awesome DIY Christmas Photo Ornaments

Christmas is almost here, and we have one interesting suggestion for you. The pictures that you have been making all year, now don’t need to seat untouched in your computer or photo album, now they can be hanged on your Christmas tree, so everyone can see them!
Make your own Christmas photo ornaments, and make your favorite pictures visible for everyone that will come to your house!
We hope you like this 10 amazing and unique ideas, and make some of them your your tree decoration.
If this awesome ideas give you inspiration and you do this beautiful ornaments, don’t forget to share with us, we wold like to know about your results. Enjoy this ideas!

Partial Pictures Ornament

awesome-diy-christmas-photo-ornaments_01DIY Tutorial via

Photo Bulb Ornament

awesome-diy-christmas-photo-ornaments_02DIY Tutorial via

Angel Ornaments

awesome-diy-christmas-photo-ornaments_03DIY Tutorial via

Picture Frame Ornament

awesome-diy-christmas-photo-ornaments_04DIY Tutorial via

Old Christmas Cards Ornament

awesome-diy-christmas-photo-ornaments_05DIY Tutorial via

Snowflake Ornament

awesome-diy-christmas-photo-ornaments_06DIY Tutorial via

Photo Block Ornament

awesome-diy-christmas-photo-ornaments_07DIY Tutorial via

Red Frame Ornament

awesome-diy-christmas-photo-ornaments_08DIY Tutorial via

Playing Cards Ornament

awesome-diy-christmas-photo-ornaments_09DIY Tutorial via

Gliter Collage Ornament

awesome-diy-christmas-photo-ornaments_10DIY Tutorial via

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