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Top 10 Fun DIY Cat Toys

Cats are usually laid-back animals and spend most of the day sleeping, but we must remember that above all they are solitary hunters. That means that when they are awake, you’d better have something for them to chase and claw at if you want to keep your furniture scratch-free.

The good thing about cats is that they aren’t very picky with their toy if it wiggles a lot or simply has catnip in it. And you must admit that cats are really fun to watch play.

To save you a trip to the pet store, try out these top 10 DIY tutorials for cat toys and watch your feline friend go crazy.

Magnetic Cat Toy


Because the magnets add an extra dimension to movement, this toy is slightly more interesting than a regular ball/string scratch post. It’s a really simple instruction if you have basic tools and access to a nearby hardware shop. If you have the proper abilities and materials, you can complete the project in around 1.5 hours. It will be far more appealing to the kitties than something dangling. They enjoy catching stuff!

Easy To Make Felted Cat Toy


This felted toy is tough and chewy, like faux prey. It’s also hairy enough to give your cat a realistic feel without the lovable hairball. These are simpler and quicker to make than entire felt structures, and they have a bell inside for added fun. It’s a simple and quick method for repurposing small amounts of felt wool fleece and yarn.

12 Days of Handmade Gifts- DIY Pet Toys


Making these toys is a lot of fun, and they’re a terrific and unique alternative to store-bought toys. They’re also a lot more cost-effective because they’re so simple and quick to make. In approximately an hour, you can create a bunch. They’ll be a hit with your dogs, too! They can’t wait to play with them once they’re ready!

New Homemade Cat Toy


This cat toy is made out of a plastic bottle that has a couple of holes punched in it and is then filled with cat food and catnip. The more it’s batted around, the more likely it is that a goodie will fall out for your cat to devour! They’ll adore it if they get a little reward every now and then while playing! What a fantastic concept!

Octopus No-Sew Toy


What a wonderful method to recycle fabric remnants. If you’re about to dump out an empty oatmeal container and have an idea. I searched through my fabric leftovers and came up with a cat toy. Simply cut away the paper portion of a tin can’s lid using the plastic ring. Thread a piece of fabric through the plastic loop and tie it on. Continue to add fabric strips until the ring is completely covered. Toss it to the kitties after that!

Cattail Catnip Toy


To make a Cattail Catnip Toy, only 1 seam of stitching is necessary. Tie into segments and fill with catnip. In return, your cat will lick it and batter it with rapid-fire kicks. Catnip isn’t for everyone, but no cat has ever turned down a game of catnip. To avoid desensitization, limit your use to roughly once a week.

Easy To Crochet Cat Toy


Here’s a pattern for a sweet little cat toy with a bell attached for added fun. This is a quick and easy crochet craft that makes a great starter pet toy. You can add catnip to the inside of the cover, replace the bell with a feather, or use a magic ring to retain the catnip inside the tube, according to the instructions. It’s a big hit among them.

Tupperware Puzzle Toy


This is a simple craft that anyone can accomplish, and the cats will enjoy playing with it while you’re away. It’s also an excellent choice for picky eaters or overweight cats. It’s just so adaptable and simple to make. If you have new lively kitties, make it for them. It sure beats paying a lot of money for an advertisement. There’s no reason why a person couldn’t make one for their pet!

Cat Play Box


We all know that cats prefer the packaging of new toys to the items themselves. So, this is a cardboard box-based DIY cat playpen! It’s the same box that the cat food came in, so it’s a great two-for-one project! Allow your cat to run around and work up an appetite.

Pom-Pom On A Stick Toy


A group of friends joined together to combine their unique passions for pets and handicrafts. If you’re ready for the challenge of entertaining your cat, get inspired by them, and try this pom-pom cat wand! You might even involve your pet in the material selection process if you want an expert opinion.

Now that you’ve seen our ideas, get crafty to please your cat. Share their reactions with us in the comments below.

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