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Top 10 Games When You’re Wanting to Relax

Video games are usually thought of as a hobby that keeps you on the edge of your seat. From fighting dragons, saving princesses, and looking at some of the largest open world maps in video games in order to find some hidden treasures. Yep, video games can be that great escape, that adrenaline rush that you never you needed. While being swept away in these lovely fantasy lands. There’s no doubt that video games can be great for thrills and keeping you right on your toes, but what if you’re wanting to relax? 

What if you just want to be all nice and cozy, take it easy, and just play a stress-free game that doesn’t cause you to rage quit? Well, these are some of the best video games that are out on the market for days when you’re just looking to relax and take a day off!


Stardew Valley

If you go anywhere online at all, then chances are, you’ve at least heard of Stardew Valley. This is one of those games where you can completely just chillax, have some fun cooking, fishing, dating, or maybe even doing some fun puzzles. It’s one of those perfect games that just instantly sucks you right in, but you don’t feel stressed out at all playing. So why not try out some delicious donut recipes and just enough of this fun farm game? It’s easy to pick up, and learn, and you’re just going to love it!

United Goose Game

In 2020, this game was HUGE. Nobody really likes geese, they’re territorial, they’re mean, they honk, and they have teeth. But what if you get to play as the goose? This clunky game-controlled game allows you to play as a goose. Getting to terrorize the townsfolk as a goose is something that’s so rewarding, something that’s even downright hilarious! The game plays very relaxing tines, you can honk to startle people, plus, you get to outsmart the humans. This colorfully bright semi cell-shaded game just may be what you were looking for when it comes to some cozy time in.

Legend of Zelda

Okay, so there are plenty of Legend of Zelda games within the series itself but believe it or not, most of these games can be very relaxing, especially the newest installment to the series; Breath of the Wild. You’ll find that there’s so much more than exploring dungeons or battling evil-doers in this game. Instead, there are other options such as enjoying some standalone puzzles, enjoying the giant variety of landscapes, or enjoying a mini-game or two.


Why not get a little old school and play some Tetris? For some, this can be a game that causes a wee bit of anxiety, and for others, it’s just another way to have a fun and relaxing puzzle. You can find mini flash games online of Tetris (or knock-off versions of the game), but alternatively, you can play this Play Station 4 or PC version of the Tetris 99 game. It’s still Tetris, the same mechanics, and everything, but the fun colors and the slow music is so relaxing.

The Sims

Who could forget about the Sims? Whether you’re in the mood to play The Sims 4 or any of the other versions, this is guaranteed to have a good time. In the mood to build a house? Sure! Want to plan the perfect wedding with the Sims 4 My Wedding Stories? Of course! Build the perfect house, career, and family all through this lovely Sims game. You can relax if you want, and have fun in various ways. It’s one of the best crowd-pleasers, especially if you’re really needed to unwind and just have a temporary escape from your life for a few hours.

Katamari Damacy

This came out close to eighteen years ago and it’s still considered a favorite in video game history. It now has come out again for PC and Switch and it’s perfect for those rainy days where you’re looking to take it easy inside the house.  So, what all does this wacky game entail? Well, the story begins with the intergalactic king, he brings his son, the Prince of All Cosmos to help save the stars and sky within the universe. Your job gets to be to just roll everything up into giant balls.

Anything and everything needs to be tossed up into the air to help create that night sky. Silly game, carefree, so much fun, and you just won’t be able to get enough of it. The soundtrack is perfect, and you’ll be attached to the screen the whole day just having a grand time playing this classic.


Is one of those fairly classic games that has been around for well over a decade, this cute little Swedish game is all about just relaxing, doing some simulations like farming, collecting data, and more. It’s a game that can be appreciated by everyone of all ages. The world is basically infinite and ever-expanding. Have fun building what you want to build. Feel like playing survival or in the mood to fight? No problem either, it can be done in this game too.  Minecraft is very flexible so you can basically play it however you’re in the mood to play it as.

Animal Crossing

Being out in the market since the very early 2000s, this game series is loved by millions all over the world. In fact, who doesn’t love Animal Crossing? It’s one of those feel-good games. The characters are adorable, the colors are bright, there’s some of the cutest dialogue around, it’s seriously perfection. The newest installment to the family of great games; Animal Crossing New Horizons, is considered one of the coziest games around.

You get to build a cute little village on an island, you can catch bugs, garden, fish, play multiplayer, and create lovely homes. You’ll find hordes of people online sharing their lovely houses and islands with one another. So if you have a Nintendo Switch, definitely consider looking into this fun game for yourself when you’re just in the mood to do some relaxing.

A Short Hike

This cute little game was released back in 2019, and the gameplay is all about exploration. While many games are all achieving goals or completing certain tasks, this is different. The game is just all about hiking! Just keep in mind that within a couple of hours the game will be completely finished. It’s not long, it’s not difficult, it’s simply just mellow. So, what are some of the features that you can expect to find in the game? Well, you can count on doing some of those regular outdoor activities such as swimming, fishing, hiking, and talking to other NPC hikers within the game.

A Short Hike is all about taking it at a slow pace, it’s straightforward with no stress or adrenaline included, but this could definitely be the perfect choice for you if you’re just wanting to kick it back and relax at home.

Mario Golf

Well, it doesn’t just have to be the Mario Golf series, but this is hands-down one of the best because it’s more interactive compared to other golf games on the market. Plus, you can use the Nintendo Switch to swing the golf club as if you were at the local country club. For the most part, the mechanics are easy, plus who wouldn’t want to play as your favorite Mario character all nicely dressed up and suave?

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