New Year’s Eve is almost here and we’re all excited for the biggest event of the year. Who doesn’t love the idea of finishing a fabulous year with a wonderful dinner party?! Because of that, now it’s a perfect time for making some festive and sparkling decorations which will make your party complete. That’s why we’ve made a list of Top 10 Glittering DIY New Year’s Eve Party Decorations which are super easy to make and they will add a sparkling touch to any room. Make one or all of these sparkly, celestial decorations  and you’ll want to leave them up all year!

Adorable DIY Holiday Party Theme

diy-new-years-eve-party-decoartions_01DIY Tutorial via

DIY Confetti Poppers

diy-new-years-eve-party-decoartions_02DIY Tutorial via

Tissue Paper Fringed Garland

diy-new-years-eve-party-decoartions_03DIY Tutorial via

DIY Sparkling Dessert Decor

diy-new-years-eve-party-decoartions_04DIY Tutorial via

New Years Eve Party & DIY Confetti Wreath

diy-new-years-eve-party-decoartions_05DIY Tutorial via

DIY Sequin Wall

diy-new-years-eve-party-decoartions_06DIY Tutorial via

DIY Balloon False Ceiling

diy-new-years-eve-party-decoartions_07DIY Tutorial via

Sequinned Star Stir Sticks

diy-new-years-eve-party-decoartions_08DIY Tutorial via

DIY: Sparkly Cake Toppers

diy-new-years-eve-party-decoartions_09DIY Tutorial via

Free Printable New Year’s Eve Party Decor

diy-new-years-eve-party-decoartions_10DIY Tutorial via