Halloween is one of the best times to put your spooky and creative side to work.  All the fun is not reserved only for the kids, there are no rules. Halloween is the holiday for everyone to stop their real life for a moment and live in a imaginary, scary but interesting and amusing world. And for me, desserts are important part of the celebration. Learn to make festive Halloween cakes with fantastic decorating techniques. Scare up some delicious fun with Halloween cakes for ghouls of all ages. Get inspired by these frightful and delightful Top 10 Ideas for Halloween and I promise you will have the time of your life!

Crash-Landing Witch Cake

19b771ac-8a88-4c0d-8936-1f154426a592Recipe via bettycrocker.com

Graveyard Cake

msl_1004_ripcake_xlRecipe via marthastewart.com

Treasure Chest Cake

20386_lRecipe via taste.com.au

Dirt Ice Cream Cake

54748d0d-8533-401d-b9b7-30701f1f038eRecipe via bettycrocker.com

Creepy-Crawly Cake

crawly-cake-phobias-1011mld107647_vertRecipe via marthastewart.com

Halloween Pumpkin Cake

picaNkkVYRecipe via food.com

Wise Owl Cake

17504_lRecipe via taste.com.au

Halloween Monster of a Cake

picjGWJ5oRecipe via food.com

Devil’s Food Cake with Flame Tuiles

la103178_hall07_devilfdcake_vertRecipe via marthastewart.com

Halloween Black Cat Cake

20dac8cc-d2b7-4e7b-89cc-9b8a1ead95eaRecipe via bettycrocker.com