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Top 10 Halloween Drinks for Kids

Halloween is mostly about the young ones and it  is the time when your refreshments should look absolutely spooky. Drinks are very important part of every celebration, even if most of your guests are kids. Halloween drinks should definitely be tasty, but never tasteful. Why don’t you serve your little monsters for this occasion with a hair-raising, non-alcoholic drinks?! In these article you’ll find everything you need, because all beverages are frighteningly easy to make, have excellent taste with a creepy appearance! Happy frightful Halloween!

Chilling Jack-o’-Lantern Smoothies

162bbc21-2350-403c-b76b-4bd71b294495Recipe via

Spooky Sparkling Punch

60d99a905fde48ef1d04cde2dd38b9edRecipe via

Bloody Punch with Floating Hand

bloody-punch-halloween-recipe-photo-420x420-lschaeffer-bloodypunch1946Recipe via

Eye of Newt Creepy Gelatin Bowl

Eye-of-Newt-Gelatin_09Recipe via

Witch Milk in a Bottles

b0064425fc7f3f7a2de1b754e18dee70Recipe via

Nonalcoholic Cemetery Slime Punch

original_FL-Halloween-Cocktail-Cemetary-Punch_s4x3_lgRecipe via

Orange Cream Floats

b324cf3c-4d32-472b-80f5-d1de82d3aa06Recipe via

Swamp Juice

swamp-juice-halloween-recipe-photo-420-FF1009TOTMA01Recipe via

Witches’ Brew

19b86e2e-c054-476d-a9eb-2466785f6e8aRecipe via

Fizzy Potions

31303_lRecipe via

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