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Top 10 Important Things Every Bridesmaid Should Know

A bridesmaid is a friend or family member who helps the bride with her wedding day. A bridesmaid may help plan the wedding, escort younger guests to their seats, coordinate bridal shower activities, and support the bridal party on the big day. Before that big day, the bridesmaid should be familiar with the following.


  1. As one of these critical roles in being a bridesmaid, you are expected to attend all pre-wedding parties and functions, including bridal showers. And while some brides think that it’s okay for bridesmaids to wear something different from the other ladies on a particular day, others believe that bridesmaids should match with each other as well as with the rest of their wedding party.
  2. Your friends and family want you at their wedding party. You’re not a consolation prize and, even if the bride has always thought of someone else as her maid-of-honor, she’s happy that you’ll be there with her on her big day – because it means she won’t be doing everything alone. Be proud to take on this crucial role in your friend or relative’s life!
  3. There are lots of things involved when the correct bridesmaid dress comes along. But when it comes down to choosing which one looks best on you, remember this: what matters most is how comfortable you feel when you try it on. So don’t worry about how it looks on the hanger. Cicinia is a great option for you to find a correct one.
  4. Try to make sure everything is in order before the wedding day arrives. It’s pretty stressful for everything to come together at the last minute – and it probably won’t go as smoothly as you’d like. So try to make sure she has a final checklist or timeline, and ask her if there’s anything you can do before the big day!
  5. At some point, she’ll ask you to tell her which one you like best. Don’t be afraid to get honest-she won’t get mad or think you’re being disloyal. She wants your help! Tell her what you honestly think and give her advice on things that might not work for her body type, style, or personality. Whatever you do, don’t hem-and-haw or say something cryptic like, “I’ll know when I see it.” She needs your input because she probably likes lots of dresses!
  6. If you’re trying on dresses together, remember that everyone looks the best when she feels good about herself. You look great; everyone does! Don’t be afraid to put yourself in front of the mirror and marvel at your reflection, either.
  7. There are going to be some awkward moments – but take them in stride. It’s going to happen, and you’re going to have a great time. Try not to take anything too seriously, especially if it goes wrong!
  8. If you can’t make a fitting or you need to cancel at the last minute because of an emergency, tell her as soon as possible – but try not to freak out about it. Most likely, she’ll understand, and if she doesn’t? Well, then that too is part of being a bridesmaid! Just do your best and let her know that you want nothing more than to be standing beside her on her big day!
  9. Don’t try to run the wedding from behind the scenes. Focus on doing what needs to be done to enjoy herself and celebrate her love with the groom. There will be plenty of time to plan the next one – wait until it’s over.
  10. Remember that she chose you for a reason. It doesn’t matter if you’re the shortest or tallest person in the bridal party; your bridesmaid dress is going to look great on you! You don’t need to feel like “the fat bridesmaid,” and neither does anyone else!

There are many tricks in styling bridal looks, such as wearing accessories at the proper places and in the right ways to look flattering on every bride. You can create a different look even with similar feminine touch by experimenting with several accessories. Bracelets and earrings might be your good partners in crime against blandness when worn together!

The wedding day can be stressful. But remember that everything will work out because she wouldn’t choose someone who wasn’t trusted.

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