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Top 10 Impressive Mosaic Projects for Your Garden

Mosaic is the art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials. It is a technique of decorative art. Most mosaics are made of small, flat, roughly square pieces of stone or glass of different colors, known as tesserae, but some, especially floor mosaics, may also be made of small rounded pieces of stone and called “pebble mosaics.”

Beautiful garden art pieces are traditionally made of mosaic and ceramic tiles. Nowadays, by using broken china, art glass, glass jewels, recycled mirror, stones, shells, and other found objects, the mosaic artist has the freedom to recycle new or used objects as a way to express their personal expression and accomplishment.

Mosaics can be created on practically anything. Don’t ever throw out broken glass, bowl, or piece of pottery when you can recycle them into beautiful mosaic crafts. Your imagination only limits the art & craft of mosaics.

Take a look at our selection of top 10 impressive mosaic projects for your garden and unleash your imagination.

1. Mosaic Table Top



Here is an example of an impressive mosaic tabletop. Tabletop substrates that work well with mosaics are glass, concrete, waterproof, or water-resistant materials such as backer board or concrete board. Avoid using materials that bend or warp, such as particleboard, thin, flexible metals, and some plastics, these can over time can cause the grout to crack and the tesserae to come loose. You can make your own pattern, or you can use this one.

2. Spiral Rock Mosaic Path



If you’re looking for an outdoor project that’s a bit off the beaten path, a pebble mosaic will give your yard, garden, or walkway a unique and unexpected focal point. You can click for travertine mosaics and see their beautiful and durable options for creating a spiral rock mosaic path. This spiral rock mosaic path will make a fabulous addition to your backyard, and it’s so easy to recreate yourself! This spiral rock mosaic path will make a fabulous addition to your backyard, and it’s so easy to recreate yourself!

3. Mosaic Fountain



For this project, an old bathtub is used to make a fountain for the garden. Each tile piece was handmade and fired in a kiln. The fountain circulates water from the bathtub up through a pipe, comes out of a top coffee pot, and pours back into the tub. You can add the plants in there and some fish for the final touch.

4. Mosaic Garden Art



This project is a lot of fun to do. The substrates that work well with this garden art are glass and tile. Overall looks very impressive. You can make this project very easy and decorate the back yard wall.

5. Mosaic Wall



This is a time-consuming project which creates detailed murals across the home walls with images of traditional macramé motifs. In the Russian village of Kamarchaga, in the Siberian taiga, Russian pensioner Olga Kostina has used 30,000 plastic bottle caps to adorn her home with colorful patterns and images – making it somewhat of a local landmark. It looks so impressive!

6. Mosaic Dragon Fly Rocks



This mosaic dragonfly on the rocks is a great way to add a personal touch to your garden. It is fun to make, and they look awesome! Customize your design to accent the color scheme.

7. Mosaic Stepping Stones



Mosaic stepping stones are a great way for trying out new mosaic techniques or as a beginner’s project to gain experience. Choose the materials you want to put on your mosaic; you can use whatever you have to hand old china plates, marbles, shards from a broken mug, glass jewels, various beads, blue glass, an old necklace and bracelet, and bathroom tiles.

8. Mosaic Flower Pots



Just take an ordinary terracotta pot, and give it an eye-catching new look. Stones, glass beads, and even broken plates and mugs can become part of your mosaic masterpiece. Once you learn how to decorate flower pots using this method, you’ll be looking for old pots to try out your new skill! Have fun!

9. Mosaic Sculpture



You can buy a cheap plastic figure and make a mosaic sculpture of it. For this flamenco mosaic sculpture, you can use regular tile adhesive to attach the pink stained glass tile and set it aside to dry. Put some black wire legs that stick into the body and ground it into your garden. Looks very pretty!

10. Mosaic Birdbath



For this mosaic birdbath project, recycled DVDs were used. You can also use old CDs since they are really shiny silvery rainbow and their colors change with the angle and the light. Very beautiful and impressive look!

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