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Top 10 Inspirational Christmas Front Porch Decorations

As the weather outside gets colder and colder and winter is slowly approaching, we are going inside our homes to get warm and snuggle under a blanket. But that doesn’t mean that the front porch should be neglected. Front porches are the first impression of our home. Whenever guests come to your home, the first thing that welcomes them is the front porch. That’s the first thing your neighbors and visitors see, so be smart and spend a little more time decorating it. It’s also the first thing that welcomes you home after a long, cold day.

That’s why it deserves your full attention, especially during the holiday season. Lights, wreaths, ribbons, banners, lanterns – there are a lot of ways you can add a splash of Christmas decor to your front porch. You can hang spiraling garlands, put decorations by the side of the door or on the stairs, add Christmas lights, you name it.

Delight the senses and spread holiday cheer. Get inspired by this list of Christmas decorations for creating a warm, charming and inviting front porch.

Blue And White Christmas Porch Decor


This beautifully decorated front porch will leave every visitor breathless! Blue and silver is a great combination for a simple, yet modern look that’s elegant and festive at the same time. The white Christmas trees are just the cherry on top of this amazingly decorated porch.

Christmas Shining Bright


Do you know those houses in your neighborhood that makes everyone stop and stare at how beautiful they look, especially around Christmas? That could be your house! You can create a true Christmas fairyland by adding lights to every decoration on the front porch and “wow” everyone, including yourself!

Giftboxes Instead Christmas Trees


Instead of the usual little trees on the sides of the door, why not add Christmas presents? Grab some cardboard boxes and wrap them in holiday-themed wrapping paper. Don’t forget to add bows or ribbons. These whimsical and extraordinary gift boxes will give your front porch a great look!

Santa Door


We know that everyone will love this door, but can you imagine how the kids are going to react? They’ll flip out when they see it! This Santa door will get everyone into the holiday spirit instantly. You don’t even have to place any other decorations on your porch, this door is enough to do the trick.

Large Ornaments And Wreaths


Large ornaments are great for the front porch. They can be spotted from afar and you don’t have to put too many to make a statement, a few is enough. Add large bows, a festive doormat and candle lanterns for a cozy look.

Santa’s Sled Is Here


Another great decoration that kids would enjoy! If you don’t like to add many things to your front porch, place a sled in your front yard. Decorate it with lanterns and gift boxes or maybe add a lighted Santa, Rudolph, or a snowman. Every kid will try to climb it and pretend they’re Santa. Fun!

Woodsy Christmas Theme


We have the perfect decor for nature lovers – a front porch that looks like it’s placed in the woods. Hang green garlands and a wreath sprinkled with artificial snow, add pine cones and some greenery and you’re good to go. The white reindeers will give your porch an even more festive touch.

Sweet Whimsical Christmas Decor


Have fun “dressing” your front porch with these whimsical decorations. If you don’t like traditional Christmas decorations, make a true Candyland Kingdom by adding all kinds of candy, lollipops, cupcakes, and of course, candy canes in as many shapes and colors as you’d like. Pink, white and red explosion!

Welcome To Santa’s Workshop


It’s all about the door with this fabulous Christmas decor. Pretend your home is actually Santa’s Workshop and have fun decorating. Place a wreath with ornaments and ribbons, add some candy canes and hang Christmas lights. Unusual and very pretty. Your visitors will certainly appreciate it.

Wishing You A Merry Christmas


Wish everyone in your neighborhood a very Merry Christmas by putting these festive, tartan banners on your front porch. You don’t have to add more decorations, they are enough.

We hope we gave you enough inspiration to get creative and bring the holiday spirit into your home, starting with your front porch.

Do you have a favorite idea on this list? Share it with us in the comments and have fun decorating!

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