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Top 10 Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Belly Fat

Abdominal obesity which is also known as belly fat is a problem that many people fight with! This difficulty is located around the abdomen and the stomach area and belly fat appear when you’re consuming more usable calories that you can waste, expend or discard through elimination.

Luckily this is not a problem that can’t be solved and by a proper diet and exercise you can lose fat in the critical zone. But, what happens if you train hard for a couple of weeks and the results are still not noticeable!?

Something is definitely wrong! Here is a list of ten reasons that will help you to find out why you may not be losing belly fat. Read carefully and change your mistakes immediately!

Your Diet is Packed with Salt



The first reason why you’re not losing belly fat is that your diet is packed with a lot of salt and that’s the main ingredient that makes you feel bloated after eating a portion with a big dose of sodium. The daily recommended dosage of sodium is 2,300mg, try to remember that!

You Fall Short on Magnesium



The second reason why you’re still fat in the stomach area is that you fall short on magnesium. This magnificent nutrient can make the processes of weight loss and body shaping faster. The other benefit, if you consume it during your menstrual period, is that you’ll feel less bloated. In the picture above you’ll find 16 foods that are rich in magnesium. Try to include all of them in your diet!

You’re Not Chewing Your Food



If you’re not chewing your food until is liquid, you won’t be able to see results in a short period of time. By eating your food in the right way you’ll help your organism with weight loss and better digestive system performance!

You’re Exercising Too Much



You can’t lose weight because you’re exercising too much! This sentence may seem ridiculous to you, but it’s completely true, because actually if you work out more than 190 minutes per week, you’ll start eating even more. The optimal time you should train during the week is from 150 to 180 minutes!

You’re Not Getting Enough Vitamin D



Maybe you’re still not aware that actually, you have low Vitamin D, which is associated with dropping pounds and few metabolic problems. Start eating more eggs, salmon, and mushrooms and you’ll take things under control!

You’re a Soda Addict



Let’s be clear, all types and kinds of soda are bad for you because they’re all adding additional fat to your stomach area. Even those that are low in calories can expand your waistline. So, try to include more water and unsweetened tea in your diet. If you’re bored by the same old drinks, then start to drink detox water with slices of various fruits in it. However, coffee without sugar is allowed and that’s coming as a relief!

You’re Not Adding Protein to Your Plate



Proteins are something that you must infuse your body with every day, there are no excuses! The first reason for that is because it’ll help you to balance out blood sugars and second, it’s a powerful nutrient that controls your weight. Just follow the scheme from the picture above and you can’t go wrong!

You’re Doing the Wrong Workout



Not every type of workout is for you! Sometimes you can train very hard, but be aware that the wrong activity will take you nowhere! So if you’ve started with Cardio training, try to set your goals at higher levels after a while, because if you’re doing the workout that has the same intensity your metabolism will adjust in time and you’ll stop losing weight! The more effective and better way to tone your stomach is weight training and since a tummy tuck cost is way more than exercise, it’s a good idea to try this first.

You Don’t Sleep Enough



The key to losing weight is quality sleep! If you’re not sleeping properly, the hormone called ghrelin, which stimulates appetite will be activated. So, it’s very important for you to sleep for seven to nine hours a night because that way your body will get enough rest which means that it would be more able to perform.

You Drink Too Much Alcohol



Alcohol and belly fat are connected in many ways, this is not something new. The only way to slim your tummy is to stay away from cocktails immediately. Be happy, because one glass of wine with a meal is not a habit that you have to avoid!

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