Some of the world’s most exciting and alluring cities lie in Brazil, between its tropical hideaways and  pure white beaches, with the captivating blue Atlantic Sea. This Sout American country is the kingdom of the Samba, football, religion, rainforest, magnificent sprawling cities and unspoiled beaches. Beside all this, Brazil is mega popular destination this summer due to the World Cup in soccer which is held right there. Below I am presenting you 10 places you must visit if you go in this country. Brazil is definitely a sight to behold.

Sao Paulo


Located in southeastern Brazil, Sao Paulo the largest city in Brazil and also one of the largest in the world according to population.It is known for its skyscrapers, gastronomy and robust culture scene, large number of public parks and even portions of the Atlantic rainforest.



Brasilia’s modern day infrastructure is designed in the shape of an airplane in which each of its sections serve as different districts such as government, commercial, residential and cultural.



Fortaleza is one of Brazil’s most popular places, given its wonderful beaches, dynamic shopping and lively culture.


Parati via

A paradise of tropical forests, waterfalls, emerald sea and coastal mountains, Parati is a popular tourist attraction located along Brazil’s Green Coast in the Rio de Janeiro state.


Recife-1 via

Known as the “Venice of Brazil”, Recife is one of the largest and most important cities on Brazil’s northeastern coast. There you will find numerous waterways and bridges.


Olinda via

Located on the Atlantic Coast, Olinda is one of Brazil’s best-preserved colonial cities, eriched with colonial churches, colorful old houses, restaurants, museums and numerous artisan studios.


Manaus via

Manaus serves as a gateway to the Amazon rainforest, which makes it an important tourist destination.


Salvador via twiga_swala

Salvador is one of the oldest cities in the Americas. Here you can find beautiful beaches, lively culture and one of the world’s biggest Carnival celebrations.

Foz do Iguacu

Foz-do-Iguacu via Maurice Blackburn

This is one of the world’s most stunning natural wonders. Iguazu Falls is a series of magnificent waterfalls surrounded with forest,  located on the Iguazu River, straddling the border between Brazil and Argentina.

Rio de Janeiro

rio-de-janeiro-1 via

There is no destination on earth more animated and exciting than Rio de Janeiro. Located in southeastern Brazil, Rio is the most visited city of South America due to its famous mountains, landmarks, beaches and Carnival festival.