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TOP 10 Stunning Fairytale Photos By Margarita Kareva #Part 1

Margarita Kareva is a Russian photographer who specializes in fantasy art photography. Despite the fact that  has taken up photography just three years ago, her portfolio is already full of vibrant, magical and creative images. Adding surreal elements to her shots, she successfully manages to make her photographs really stand out, combining Photoshop manipulation with real props. From the fairy tale outfits to the stunning makeup artistry, each image projects a fantasy and dream-like effect. Enjoy!

Crazy Spring

margarita-kareva-17 via Margarita Kareva

Summer Ginger

margarita-kareva-4 via Margarita Kareva

Autumn Apples

margarita-kareva-2 via Margarita Kareva

Winter Deer

via Margarita Kareva

Girl In The Forest

margarita-kareva-15 via Margarita Kareva

 Ghostly Beauty

margarita-kareva-5 via Margarita Kareva


margarita-kareva-14 via Margarita Kareva

Forest Bride

margarita-kareva-3via Margarita Kareva


margarita-kareva-19 via Margarita Kareva

Nature Warrior

Margarita-Kareva-13 via Margarita Kareva

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