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Top 10 Timeless Beauty Rules And Tips

Beauty is part of every one of us. A woman or, a man, beauty matters. It is the first impression and the first catch. So, no matter how much you think you look pretty tonight, you have to try your best to look pretty in the morning as well. And, believe it or not, it is not hard at all.

All you need to do is to have time for yourself and never forget to take care of yourself. Here, we suggest the top ten tips you should always follow and be ruled by. Now, in a year, in 50 years.

These rules do not age. The most important part, feel good with yourself and be happy with yourself, beauty will never let you down that way.



There are many things you should do and many tips to follow when it comes to your hair. For example, you should camouflage your grown roots by zigzagging it, better than straight. Also, you should always brush your hair from roots to ends at night. While washing your hair, make sure your conditioner goes only at the ends, and make sure you rinse it very well. In the end, don’t ever forget to protect your hair with a hat from sun damage. It is the worst hair’s enemy.



Brows are definitely one of the first things on your face that somebody notices. So, make sure you keep them in order. The first rule is that you should always tweeze them in the direction they grow. Before tweezing make sure you soften your skin with cotton soaked in warm water or some kind of cream. Never put pencil all over your brows, only where there is a whole.

Bright Eyes



Clear eyes and view are what’s gonna make you see the world differently and real. Plus, nowadays, natural beauty is the best beauty a woman can own. So, make sure you don’t put too much makeup on your eyes and always be gentle with your eye area.

Be Pretty Anytime



First, never touch your face unnecessarily. You can cause too much damage to your pretty face. For the best match, test a foundation or powder on your neck or face. Every other part of your body is too pale. And, remember, everywhere you go, make yourself look pretty. That way, you will feel prettier and you will scream out confidence.

Seductive Lips



Make your lips glow and shine. For a day look, you should always use a lip balm and then apply a lipstick that is in a lighter or even nude color. At night, go for a darker lipstick. This will bring up your seductiveness. Remember, every night before you go to bed, wash your lips with a warm washcloth over your lips so you clean all the flaky dry bits. You will see the results in the morning.

Glow Your Skin



The first rule for perfectly smooth and nice skin is definitely your diet. You should eat as many vegetables and fruits and drink plenty of water. That is the key, of course. But, also very important, is moisturizing your skin. Exfoliating it, scrubs, lotions, mask on a natural base. This way, all your dead skin cells are gonna go away and your skin will be able to breathe.

Smooth Legs



Circulation in your legs is very important for effective function and a better look. Also remember, never use creams that have a heavy fragrance or alpha hydroxy acids after you shave. That can cause a rush. Wait a bit or apply a cream that is on a natural base. But, never let your legs dry. It is definitely the worst feeling you can get. So, take care of your legs and feel good about it.

Representative Hands



How many times a day you explain something by waving with your hands? Or, shake hands with your colleagues? Many. So, make sure they are always soft just by applying a cream a few times a day. Also, make sure your nails are always done. People really notice these things and they appreciate it when you take care of yourself.

Show Off Your Feet



Your feet are what is keeping you going all day. And you never really thought about how much you depend on them. So, offer them proper care by doing the regular pedicure at least two times a month. Massage them, care for them and they will return with the same.

Feel Good



At the end of the day, what really and truly matters, is how you feel from inside. As long as you are self-confident, satisfied, appreciated, and happy with yourself, no matter what, you will look pretty, and even more, your happiness is gonna be felt all around. And there is no better beauty a woman can wear but happiness.

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