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Top 10 Ways To Be Seductive At All Times

One of the hardest things in your “love life” is how to keep the spark in your relationship or, how to attract someone you like. Well, there is no certain rule about it but there are some things you could do. First of all, no matter how busy you are and how hectic your life is, make sure you take care of yourself all the time. Look good and you will feel good.

There is no man that doesn’t fall for this. Second, always be in a good mood. Even if something troubles you, make sure you keep it on a normal, talking level. Don’t ever freak out and cry. Nobody likes that, not even you. However, we have prepared top 10 ways to be seductive at all times, whether you are single or taken. Be seductive with yourself and you will seduce the world!

Repeat His Name After You Hear It…


…then say, “I like your name.” Even if you don’t and his name is Jerky McSmirk, say it. Then smile a bit, but make sure he does not feel that you are laughing at him.

Keep His Hands In Yours…


…but not long enough to embarrass him, if he is embarrassed by public displays of affection.

Tell You Like…


…the way he smells, his skin feels, his eyes look—something completely personal.

Admire Something He’s Wearing…


…then tell him, smiling, how much better he might look without it.

Massage His Shoulders


Most men carry huge tension in them. Use a light touch, and don’t try to do anything unexpected that would surprise or bother him.

Wherever You Are…


…find an excuse to invite him outside for a moment. Then enjoy the fact that the two of you are breathing the same air without a lot of other people breathing it.

Let Your Eye Wonder…


You should smile and be charming with everyone else in the room and make him notice other guys like you. As soon as he wants you all for himself, make sure you keep the flirt on distance at some point. Don’t make him freak out.

Sex And Intimacy Are Great Appetite Suppressants…


…which is probably the reason why so many people are over-weight now: they don’t get enough of either. So if things heat up, dinner can wait.

Turn The Music To Something That Is Soft…


…no matter what your taste in sound is. Never make either of you talk over the music, and if the news is on turn it off.



The sound of laughter directed at any man (in a good way), is like the ring of a slot machine jackpot in Las Vegas.

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