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Top 10 Ways To Get More Hair Volume

Are you bored with your hair because it is always laying flat like a board on your head?
It is normal, because not every woman is born with perfect hair. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t have one. Fortunately, there are lots of tips and tricks on how to give more volume to thin, limp hair that can help you make your hair in a Hollywood style.
You can look stunning and you don’t even have to spend money in the salons where you don’t get what you are looking for. Be your own hairstylist and you will always be satisfied. With the help of some hairspray, blow dryer, teasing comb, and a few skills that can be easily learned, you will have gorgeous hair full of volume!

Blow Dry Upside Down

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You might be already doing it, but this is a very basic rule to get more hair volume. After washing the hair, roll it in a cotton towel upside down to start directing the roots to create more volume, and keep the hair inside for 5mins at least. After, using a blow dryer, focus the heat towards the scalp and dry the roots first for a longer-lasting volume. It is always beneficial to use a spray for extra volume on wet hair and a product to protect your hair from the heat.

Use Round Brush

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The round brush without a doubt will add extra volume to your hair. Before starting with the process try blowdrying the hair a little bit. Using a round brush on soaking wet hair will have extremely poor effects. Following, split the hair into sections, starting with the bottom first and building up the volume all the way up front. Important: do not roll backward in the direction you loaded the section otherwise the brush will for sure get stuck in your hair.

Tease Hair

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Teasing hair adds volume for sure. Even if you do not have freshly washed hair you can tease the hair and make it look like you came back from the hairdresser. To do this, you will need a teasing brush (a brush that is thinner than a regular brush and has softer bristles), and a hair spray to hold the backcombing. Start teasing the hair just behind your hairline, in the section at the front center of the head. Hairspray as you are backcombing and once done to the entire hair.

Change Parting

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Changing the parting of your hair is another way to add volume especially to the front of the head. Just because the hair got used to your usual parting, even after your dry the hair, naturally will fall in the direction you normally use. Trying to change the parting but if it doesn’t hold much to the new direction, use hairspray to help the hair stay. This is an easy way that doesn’t really require much time nor tools, just a hairbrush.

Curl The Hair

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It is well known that curls add volume to the hair. If you do not want to curl the entire hair try doing it to the section under the center of the head. It also depends on what type of curls are you going for, wavy or regular curls. So, section the hair first, and after you can use both, a hair straighter or curling iron. Running a curling iron through your hair adds a big difference to your overall look. Again, do not forget to apply heat protection products before using the iron.

Sleep In A Hair Bun

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Sleeping in a bun will not only add a bit of volume, but it will also keep the hair neath from the morning mess. It also prevents tangling and frizziness because your hair isn’t rubbing against your pillowcase all night. Not everyone can sleep with tight hair, but if you are trying to, just make sure you tie it loose, otherwise, you can end up having a headache. Release it the next morning, give it a light brush and you got yourself a hairstyle.

Use Dry Shampoo

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Dry shampoo will help the greasy hair look better. It will add texture to the hair and make the root stand up a little bit. By soaking up the excess oil from the root the dry shampoo will add an instant volume to a few days old hairs. It is also an easy product to learn how to apply. This product is less sticky compere to hair spray and creates more fullness on the roots of the hair, which translates to hair volume.

Put In Hot Rollers

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The hot rollers are an excellent way to add volume and create curls. It gives the hair a healthy look, without damaging it at all. These curls can also last longer than the ones from a flat or curling iron. It is the easier way to add volume and curls, all you need to do is apply them and wait for the rollers to cool down. In the meantime, you can apply makeup, get dressed, etc. Brush out and shape the curls for a soft and modern look.

Use Hairspray

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The hair spray is not intended to add volume but to help while prepping and after style the hair. Although there are some tricks when the har spray can add as a volumizer. For example, after drying your hair, you want to keep the volume longer, turn your head upside down (like in the photo), and spray your roots using light holding spray. The spray can be sticky, therefore try applying little for the hair not to “glue” together.

Get Highlights For Ticker And Voluminous Hair

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Another interesting way to add texture and volume to the hair. Adding a few different shades of color will bring contrast and add dimension to the hair. A naturally limped hair and hair with a flat hold will gain a voluminous style that can also last longer. Highlight the hair with one or two shades lighter to get the right effect.

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